What I Did Today

And twitchy. That inspired feeling where you want to madly do SOMETHING but aren’t sure where to put it. Which, considering I’m in the middle of a rather demanding sewalong, is ridiculous, but anyway.

Today, I fused.

And fused, and fused, and fused.

And then, when (almost) all of the fusing had been done, I cut my fashion fabric for the RTW tailoring sewalong. I am a good little sewist, yes I am. I’m still behind—I have to cut my lining, and I haven’t finished drafting my lining pattern yet (just need to do the pleat-less skirt lining). I should just do that, but I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to. Partly because the hubby and I spent half the afternoon nosing around a motorcycle repair/junkyard (I do love me an old, fugly motorcycle, even if I am far too chicken to ride one myself) and fantasizing about the near future when he will be able to ride his again. If it ever stops snowing, anyway. It snowed again yesterday. I swear if we don’t get a good, hot summer this year I’m going to run away to Australia. Argh.

Anyway, since I was feeling twitchy but unable to settle on what I should be doing (sewing-wise, anyway), I pulled out my new patterns. I was weak at VV the other day, and walked home with a couple of kids patterns (I know, what am I thinking?) and (yes, the End Times may be upon us) a home dec pattern.

An assortment of (mostly) unwise patterns.

For a kids’ stuffed chair.

I know, I know. Bear with me, though:

I have a house. (This is a fairly new thing for us). Said house has a finished basement, which is basically a large rec room in which the children run wild.

Despite having lived in this house for nearly two years, the only furniture in the basement is still the coffee table the TV is sitting on, one random (kitchen type) chair, and my ironing board. Well, unless you count the various plastic tubs the kids’ toys get shoved into at irregular intervals. We keep meaning to buy a futon, but haven’t found one we like (at least for a price we like), and so the usefulness of the space for anyone is kind of limited (although it’s excellent for banishing any number of visiting children to).

In addition to this un-furnished space, I have a lot of fabric scraps. Bags full. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should use them to stuff floor cushions. So when the chair pattern presented itself—well, I gave in. I’m pretty sure I have scraps for at least one chair already.

I’m not sure that squishy cushion chairs will actually make the basement more appealing to adults, but hopefully they’ll at least make the children more willing to watch movies down there (instead of, say, my bedroom).

I thought this Simplicity kids’ wardrobe pattern (bottom left) looked cute, too, and it was in sizes 8-16, which is a pretty nice range to give a try in the next few years.

Except that it’s not actually 8-16.

It’s 8 1/2 to 16 1/2

Man, I love these dresses...

Those would be, erm, robust sizes. My children, while not exactly string-beans, are really no wider than average relative to their heights. Heck, given the bust sizes on these patterns, I could fit a 12 1/2. If I were, y’know, 4″ 10″. (Which, given my success with the Junior Petite sizing, might actually not be that much of a stretch. And I wouldn’t have to do an SBA…)

Anyway, we’ll see; the kids are confident in my grading abilities; I am sceptical of my motivation. It’s still in its factory folds, too.

What I really want to make is hiding at the back.

Yes, my recent lovely addition to the “dresses I shouldn’t be sewing” list, another gorgeous 70s maxi-dress. I want to make the high-necked halter, and I will doubtless be seduced by the lure of the maxi-skirt even though the above-knee would be more practical. /sigh. I’m really going to have to make an effort to wear all these great dresses as the weather improves. And it will soon be joined by this pattern from Peter (squee!) So many dresses, so little time (and need!).

I did complete one (actually, two) finished objects today, though! Yes, Tyo and a friend need

Cave Girl

caveman (or cave girl, as the case may be) costumes for their spring choir concert. Fortunately for their theatrical aspirations, Value Village supplied a nice big piece of rather unglamorous fun-fur at just the right time, so I spent approximately half an hour with Tyo this afternoon figuring out the best way (or at least the way that meant the least amount of effort for me) to turn one very long rectangle of fur into two fur “dresses”. ย So I got to photograph my very own Homo habilis. Although with that posture I’m not sure she’s even on the hominin lineage…

To prove that this actually is sewing (not just cutting and draping), there is actually one seam at the side. The shoulder is pinned together with sticks, pending production of some “bone” pins.

I really do prefer this picture, though:


Cave Girl Rock



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8 responses to “Itchy

  1. Haha. Oh my. She almost looks dangerous! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Keep sewing those dresses. If you need a good excuse: They are a great inspiration to us out there. Is that enough justification? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I can’t believe you had even more snow. Wished I could send you some spring weather from around here. Hang in there. Surely the sun will come out one day (and now I hear Annie in my head. Great…!).

  2. Your comment on the weather made me laugh:) I’ll swap you: I want cooler summers, snowy winters and in Australia that’s nearly impossible to come by!

    • Haha! Yes, you’re right. My problem is that I was raised in an area with brutally cold winters and equally hot summers, whereas the climate I live in now is (somewhat) more moderate—not as awful in the winter, but rarely gets above 30C in the summer. Something about my psyche apparently requires both, or I get twitchy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course right now I’m just jonesing for spring, which I’m pretty sure I’d do in any climate.

      My brother (who’s transplanted south) informs me that Australian winters are in some ways worse, because of the lack of central heating).

  3. She could so totally start her own girl band… um… on a 1970’s cartoon show. Like Josie and The Pussycats meets Captain Caveman. That. Is. Excellent.

    As for stuffed kids chairs: Oh. Em. Gee. We can not live without ours. I think there should be a rule that they give you one everytime you leave the maternity ward. Seriously, make some. Not only do they provide incentive to sit still and watch tv in the other room but they can be used for various games and play activities in the other room and not involving YOU.

    I have two of these but four covers (don’t ask) from Pottery Barn and, despite only having the two children, I’ve seriously been thinking of stuffing the extra covers (cheaply) somehow… so as to give them even more incentive to play in the other room.

  4. 1) You’re kids are adorable.
    2) I haven’t even done my muslin on the RTW sewalong. I’m still working on the stupid vintage dress. *ARG*

  5. damn another post and i got to the blogger award one last night (thank you very much btw!!!!). i woke up feeling squirrely about what i need to be doing today as well…i was dreaming of scallop edged denim shorts (and i have a stash of grey denim that was supposed to be sailor pants….), lace shorts (i have everything for them but they’re not sewing themselves) or stitching up a quick skirt from a crazy loud piece of fabric i found stuffed in a bag yesterday.

    BUT i need to finish the yellow dress (needs a bodice, pockets and zip) and the grey floral dress (tricky to wiggle into not that it has a zip on it). i much prefer your cavegirl/non-hominid sewing!

    and dang, wandering around a junkyard of old motorcycle parts sounds like tons of fun to photograph!! totes jealous here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hee hee! I like the sound of those lace shorts!

      I wish I had had a camera with me (believe it or not my cell doesn’t have a built in phone!) though that didn’t even occur to me until after. I’m sure we’ll be back there, though… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. While it may not have involved much in the way of actual sewing, I love the cave girl costume! Or maybe it’s just because you have such an excellent model!

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