Someone’s all that…


What an honour, to be present at the birth of a meme. Or, y’know, not.

The Beangirl, in her infinite wisdom, saw fit to make me one of the first victims, I mean recipients, of her brand-spanking-new blog award, the humbly titled “I Am All That” award. I think I’m running a bit low on the trivia, but fortunately, Beangirl also supplied five handy questions:

1) What size shoe do you wear?  If you wear a size 7, can I borrow your shoes?

2) 30’s or 60’s?

3)  Have you ever kissed someone you shouldn’t have?

4) Have you ever been poisoned?  Was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed??  That isawesomely “Knot’s Landing”.

5) Who’s on your “Celebrity Free Pass” list (top 5)?

She also claimed you should pass it on to six people, and link back to the person who gave it to you.

So beginning with answers…

  1. 7.5, shading to 8… but if I fail to break in the size 7 biker/cowboy boots I got last month, you can have them. Well, no you can’t, they were freakin’ expensive… sorry.
  2. 60s, I guess (is she talking about decades? Why would anyone choose 30s? My grandma’s main recollection of the 30s is that they were proud they always had something on their bread for lunch at school (even if it was just lard), unlike many kids who just got bread for lunch—if that.) Also women’s lib, civil rights, and birth control are just a few of my favourite things that were around in the 60s but generally lacking in the 30s.
  3. Yes. Most recently my husband.
  4. No. Although the fallout can definitely be “interesting”… (what the heck is Knot’s Landing?)
  5. Hmm, technically I’m morally opposed to entertaining crushes on people I’ve never met and don’t actually know. That being said, I’ve had a real soft spot for Adrienne Brodie since King Kong, that has lasted right through Predators. Hayden Christensen was pretty adorable in some of his earlier work, too (albeit in an “aww, I want to drag him home and lock him in my basement” kinda way) but I haven’t quite forgiven him for Annakin yet. I’ll throw Hugh Laurie in there, too. Hmm, and I’ll round it out with Michelle Rodriguez, because she  just rocks my world, even if her character almost always ends up getting killed.

Now for the hard part, choosing five recipients. This sucks the most because I hate leaving people out. But, randomly and without thinking too hard about it, I nominate:

  1. Sherry of Pattern, Scissors, Cloth
  2. Kristin of Quiet and Small Adventures
  3. Don of Urbandon
  4. Patty the Snug Bug
  5. Ali of the Wardrobe, Reimagined
  6. K-Line

And if any of the rest of you want to play please do, because I would be glad to pick all of you! (Also, this is a brand-new meme, so almost nobody’s got it yet! Of course then there’s that wrenching “what if nobody plays?” dread…)

As to the photo at the top, I had to dig it out merely because Patty was talking up that 90s staple, the babydoll dress, and, well, memories came welling to the surface. That particular photo is from about 1996, but I hung on to that dress until well after Tyo was born. /sigh.  As to why I look so solemn, well, if I’d smiled you would’ve seen my braces ;).

(Incidentally, I was modelling hair for my hair stylist to enter in some provincial competition. We did not win.)



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11 responses to “Someone’s all that…

  1. dawn s

    LOL, Knot’s Landing was an off shoot of Dallas, another iconic primetime soap opera from the 80’s.
    I think the 30’s/60’s thing might be the fashion where the 30’s should win hands down. Their intricate cuts were amazing. I only recently discovered this because I always just thought of the feedsack Dustbowl dresses. But if you look at the swishy, amazing fashions on the silver screen, you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Eeek! Love that photo and your answers. This one will be fun.

  3. oh yay! players! excellent.

    Knots Landing: answered, so I don’t have to do that. (I never actually watched Knots Landing, as I believe we didn’t own a tv at that time or if we did I just wasn’t interested. could be either.)

    And my first thought on opening this page was, “Holy hell, she really put some serious effort into her hair back then!” I’m sort of glad to hear that it was for a professional thing and (I hope) you didn’t walk around with perfect hair all the time.


    I hate my hair.

    • LMAO! This may also have been the first time I coloured my hair (just some streaks ). It was a big improvement over the long perm I had the year before.

      Best thing about MMM being over? I can skip on my hair sometimes!

  4. aw beangirl. your hair is fancy.

    not as fancy as mizz isis, but really how do you compete with that babydoll pic?

    “haven’t forgiven him for annakin yet.” yeessssssss. come on, aintcha got a number 5?

  5. The hair was so 90’s! I had the same haircut, but in blond! For 5 years or so… And I kept on trying to make fun things with hairpins, like Jen in Dawson’s Creek… Pfiouuuuu! I was one of those teenagers!
    I like your top five! Mine would have to include a young Sean Connery, Vincent Cassel, the voice of Alan Rickman, the brains of James Franco and Brad Pitt’s sex drive in Fight Club… I am fine with just bits… or a combination of the last 3!

  6. Hey! Seriously the 30’s are awesome. Just wait til you see my Art Deco Lady in purple. 🙂 I know there was a lot of hard times in the 30’s, but I feel a great affinity with the time. My great grandfather was a plumber in the 30’s, but he expanded his skills and renovated houses which were grand but had been taken back by the bank so he got them cheap. He made them modern and grand once again (while living in them) and sold them off. It didn’t make him rich, but allowed him to explore his creative artisan talents and live in lovely houses in the process. I guess that’s how I think about the things that I sew in way. I’m underemployed and seem to constantly find myself in the middle of “silk purse from a hog’s ear” sort of projects but enjoy the process and wear cool clothes in the process….

    Anyway, congrats. 🙂 Of course you’re all that.

    I’d like to play, but I may just decide I get the award anyway because the questions are fun and I need to do a blog award post. 🙂

    • 30s probably does win fashion-wise… My family were all farmers (except one great-grandpa who was a shopkeeper in a farming town), so they certainly weren’t wearing the fine fashions.

      I totally extend you this award! See what I mean about leaving out important people? D’oh!

  7. Amy

    aww, Adrian Brody. One of my favorite actors since The Pianist. I couldn’t make it through King Kong, but have you ever seen Dummy? It’s so sweet!

  8. Ali

    Thanks for nominating me! I’ll try and get around to answering the questions (I’m terrible at this, even though it’s so fun!). But I’m with you an Adrian Brody. When I mention him, people say, “Oh, is that the guy in The Village?” and I have to say no, it’s the smoking dude on the cover of Men’s Health. Sigh.

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