Apparently I am learning how to sew

Finally stitched!

In particular, when it came time to stitch up the “waist” band on this cropped little jean jacket, I was able to topstitch along the entire length, from the outside, and successfully catch the underside along the whole length! Cue bugles, triumphal marches, and possibly even choirs of angels.

Of course, the nice, crisp hand of my denim and the straight edge didn’t hurt, but still, I feel like I was very careful feeling my way along, making sure the fabric was where it needed to be on the bottom and all that. I felt like I knew the little tricks the fabric was likely to pull, and what I had to watch out for—and how to watch out for it. Woohoo!

Back view

Which is not to say that this jacket is anything like flawless (I did mention the collar points before, didn’t I?), but on the whole it came together pretty well. The fabric was thin (for denim) and crisp enough that my machine did the buttonholes with scarcely a whimper.

If I decide to do another such jacket, I’ll increase the bust shaping in the front, as it’s a bit minimal—not that it doesn’t fit, mind you, but when your assets are, ah, modest, a bit more shaping that nature strictly requires can be a fine thing. Also the “waist” band is pretty loose—not problematically so, but it could have an inch or so less ease without even beginning to feel snug.

I’m a little regretful that I didn’t topstitch the front sleeve seam… I suppose I could still do it if I really wanted to, I’m just a little doubtful of my ability to do it neatly.

The buttons look as snazzy and shiny as I had hoped. I had two sizes available; I used the larger ones for the front and the smaller size for the pockets and cuffs.

Cuff (linked)

For the cuff buttons, I linked two buttons together with thread and blanket-stitched along the little length of thread between them to make a short bar. This was kinda a pain as the thread kept trying to miss the button, but while the end result was a bit messy, it doesn’t show, so I shan’t complain.

I went on about the construction at fair length here, so I won’t belabour it too much more. Incidentally, as you can see in the interior shots in the other post, there really are little pockets under those chest flaps, although they’re so tiny (and in such a location) that I probably won’t actually use them much. I’m still glad they’re there. Flaps without pockets would annoy me—but apparently flaps with vestigial pockets are fine.

Now, I just need the weather to shape up enough so I can wear it. Today is the first day in over a week that it hasn’t snowed, so that’s a good sign!


In Me-Made March News,

MMM day 29

I can’t believe that Me-Made March is almost done! I’ll try to spare you my requisite freak-out about time passing… it’s not that I’m that messed up about growing older, but when every month is one less of funding you have left, looking forward to the future is a bit hard. I’m sure everyone who’s ever done contract work knows the feeling.

Today I’m wearing my skinny jeans and this blue short-sleeved Lydia top (pre-dating many of the tweaks that made this pattern actually fit me), which incidentally is the exact same outfit I started off the month in. But I have my cropped jacket, so that’s different, at least (even if the denim of the jacket and the denim of the pants don’t match at all)

I have to admit, I find these cropped jackets surprisingly nice for wearing around the house. Someone commented that their tummy would get cold, but I really find that having the extra layer around my upper body is warm enough—and anything that gets me out of my bunnyhug* is a plus in my world. If I could just train myself to wear slippers, I’d be snug as a bug.

*Central Saskatchewanese for “hoodie.” And no, Saskatchewanese is not a word.



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22 responses to “Apparently I am learning how to sew

  1. Very very cute! Once again, I love the red stitching on the blue denim. And your top-stitching looks good. I did a lot of it on my recent trench dress, and while it’s a stressful task, it looks so good once it’s finished, and yours doubly so since you did a double line of it! 🙂

    Also, I hear you on the stress of time passing. I need to finish my thesis since I’m nearly out of funding. ACK!

  2. I also like the red stitching; it looks great and a lot of fun to wear!

  3. I love that jacket! Also, I’m impressed with the topstitching. I topstitching from the trickiest side and unfortunately did a whole BUNCH of topstitching today before I realized that I hadn’t changed to bobbin to the topstitching thread, so it didn’t show at all. Grrrrrr….

  4. Love your jacket, it looks fantastic!

  5. This turned out really well! I dig the “cufflink” treatment and will try to steal it someday… if I can ever get to the completion stage on something with cuffs. As it is, even the most simple basics are not finding their ways to happy endings.

  6. CGCouture

    You have mad topstitching skills! I have decided to say “f-it” and have just started doing things like your bottom band where the back is attached first and I do the “pretty” part from the top where I can see it, there’s probably a time where that won’t work, but I haven’t found that yet. Love the finished jacket too, I (apparently) don’t have the figure to rock one of those, so definitely get as much wear out of them before they go out of style as you can! 🙂

    And yes, I’m also wondering where March went. Seems to be a problem since becoming a SAHM.

  7. Ah, your new jacket is too cute :)! And, you have the great figure to carry it off with ablomb. Q:How did the 2-piece sleeves fit after your drafting, and would you try them again?

    • The two-piece sleeve worked out well—fortunately I had the sleeve I used in my winter coat for comparison. The weirdest part was that the BBW sleeve has inward-curving edges, so turning that into parallel-curving edges was a bit of a gong-show… for the undersleeve, I wound up basically taking the underarm curve and the length and tracing the curve from the top-sleeve to make the curve on the undersleeve. Not a very scientific process, as I said, but it seems to have worked out well. My finished sleeve is a bit wider on the lower arm than the original sleeve, believe it or not.

  8. ^Typo (doh!) it should say aplomb LOL!

  9. I love the red contrast bits – it is a great jacket, and looks very professional!

  10. Hey great jacket. I love contrasting topstitching. It always makes the piece a little edgier.

  11. I’m jealous of how good you are with denim stuff… 😉 It’s a great jacket and I love the cuff detail and the red facings.

  12. Really cute, I LOVE the peak of red on the back collar. I know what you mean about feeling like you have accomplished something good and amazing and advanced in your sewing. I am almost done with my jeans and I have been feeling exactly the same way. Not only do you get a great piece of clothing, but the satisfied feeling from making it yourself is amazing! Great job.

  13. Looks good!

    There’s something odd going on in the comments. I’m thinking that there’s a “open bold” without a “close bold”, which is affecting subsequent comments. Odd! Let’s see if I can sort that out.

    Did that help?

    • Hehe… I think I fixed it. Claire had a close-bold tag but there was a space in it that shouldnt’t’ve been. So weird that it carried down to the other comments…

  14. Wow, this jacket is really, really great… Nice work!!!

  15. Cute, cute, cute little jacket!! You’re well on your way to being a really fine sewer, with already mastering waistbands, cuffs, top-stitching!!
    I love your writing style also on your blog!!

    Fellow sewer in Oregon!

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