I was going to wait

until the little coat was done. But, as usual, I am impatient. And Syo was eager to model. Really, she twisted my arm.

So here it is, sans lining hem and buttons. With the puffy fleece lining it’s a bit snug on Syo, which is a good sign, although the sleeves, which I folded up a trifle more than strictly suggested by the pattern, are just right, so they will be quite long on Fyon.

Erm. Perhaps next time we’ll comb hair before the modelling sesh…

Also, did I mention I am dreading the buttonholes?



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8 responses to “I was going to wait

  1. Corinne

    what a cutie! i think you have a natural model there. coat looks nice, i know, hate the buttonholes! you always make it work, good luck.

  2. so adorable! I love the poses! The coat sounds nice and comfy!

  3. very cute set of fitting/progress photos 🙂
    you’re flying through the coats these days!

  4. I love that you told her to look cute! Like she could do anything else!
    Very nice coat. Fleece lined pockets sound wonderful.

  5. It is so cute, and she looks so happy!

  6. So what’s your trick for getting your daughters to comb their hair? That seems like an uphill battle for me.

    • Threaten to cut it all off. If you compare these with Syo’s last before-Christmas shots, she lost 3-4″ of hair over the holidays; Tyo lost even more, especially at the back. I miss her having hair past her shoulders (it was at least mid-back a couple of years ago) but it’s not worth the hassle. Syo’s hair is so fine (she gets that from me :P) that growing it long has never really worked, and she looks so incredibly cute in this chin-length bob.

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