The Christmas Coat

The Christmas Lady

Day-Glo Red

It’s (mostly) done!

This was technically my Hudson’s Bay Blanket Homage Coat, but given the timing and the colour, I’m probably wishing if I think I can make it something other than the Christmas Coat.

The Christmas Lady

Holy peplum, Batman!

Tyo pried herself away from her new PSP long enough to take these photos for me, saving me the hassle of trying to set up the tripod in the snow. Although as you can see, it’s not quite the winter wonderland it was a month or so ago when I finished Tyo’s Coat. We actually had wonderful weather for Christmas—it was +6 C on Christmas day! My dad and I took the girls to the local playground and they ran around without their coats on. Amazing what feels like tank-top weather once you’re inured to -20 ;).

The Christmas Lady

Lining---needs letting out

I think nearly everything that needs to be said about this coat has been already. One of the buttons is missing in action, having disappeared prior to being sewn on somewhere in the dozens of rounds of “clean up” that have swept through my house more or less continually since last weekend (without creating a notable overall improvement, I’ll add). If it doesn’t show up in a day or two I’ll have to go buy another. Also, the two inch hem I took in the lining wound up being a bit too much, so I should really let it out a wee bit. At least I have that luxury, having cut my lining to the full length of the shell.

The Christmas Lady

Coat front

I only took a 1″ hem, but as you can see my fabric has plenty of body.

Christmas itself was lovely but hectic. We hosted my father, my hubby’s father, and my hubby’s father’s girlfriend. I was pretty spoiled my first seven or so years of marriage—I never once had to make a turkey on my own (or even in my own kitchen). It really is much more fun doing all the culinary craziness with three or four or five other people helping out. Fortunately my Dad, of all people, came to my rescue, peeling potatoes, washing innumerable dishes, and helping stuff the turkey. I fear I was a touch crabby, but hopefully it wasn’t too bad. I really was happy to have everyone there.

I did get one bit of sewing paraphernalia for Christmas, from my mommy. Look: pinking shears! My mind is racing about what I can pink. Or it would be, if I weren’t thoroughly sluggish from chocolate overdose.

Pinking Shears!

At any rate, I hope your Christmas (or seasonal equivalent πŸ˜‰ ) was as merry as mine. I expect I’ll start thinking about sewing again in a day or two. For now, I’m going to go read one of the books I got for Christmas (The latest Terry Pratchett—oh, the joy!) and listen to my husband and children murder things on their various video game systems.

You can see all these photos and more on the Flickr Slideshow

All the posts on this coat can be found here. And this has been a (very belated) contribution to Gertie’s Lady Grey Sewalong.



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29 responses to “The Christmas Coat

  1. I love your coat! I got the new Terry Pratchett book too πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE IT! Its so awesome and now you are making me want to
    finish my Lady Grey. And the first picture is my favorite. I got 50
    year old spools of cotton thread for Christmas, and tailor’s chalk.
    WOO! (Now if only I had a dress form…)

  3. It’s SO gorgeous! I love how the peplum sits on you (shows off your great booty!). And I LOVE the fact that the facing is black while the coat is red. I think yours is the only one I’ve seen like this. And you know I’ve seen MANY πŸ™‚

  4. The coat is fabulous! Of course.

    My dad and I used to cook holiday meals together, though he doesn’t lift a finger in the kitchen on normal days.

    Favorite use for pinking shears: trimming seams, especially seams which need notching.

    Sister in law is also reading the latest Terry Pratchett. Hmm. Enjoy!

    • My dad always used to cook on weekends, though never anything fancy. He was pretty precise about how to stuff the turkey and make the mashed potatoes, though. Terry Pratchett is one of my all time favourites. πŸ™‚

  5. It is beautiful, of course! The black facings and collar are awesome. What a cool design detail. I really wish mine had an extra row buttons. I love how it raises the lapels. Hope your Christmas was wonderful! We actually had a white Christmas here. The first time in my entire life I’ve had a white Christmas! Of course in South Carolina, snow really means slush (and everyone panics and buys all the bread and batteries at Walmart). It was still pretty, though πŸ™‚

    • I kinda wish I could’ve made the lapels convertible, so I could switch between the way mine is and the way yours is, as I like both ;). Grass greener etc.

      Congrats on your white Christmas! I think I only remember one that was brown. It was pretty upsetting, actually πŸ˜‰ though we did play beach volleyball. I think it was probably actually colder that day than yesterday, though. It’s so funny how people over-react to snow in parts of the world that don’t get it often, yet it’s reasonable, I guess. Snow is a big pain in the butt if they can’t clear the streets and nobody has snow-worthy cars. πŸ™‚

  6. Red is my absolute favorite color and this coat is
    AMAZING!!! Love the boots too!!

  7. Sewista Fashionista

    The coat and boots are gorgeous. I am feeling some kind of chocolate-haze myself. Glad the cooking and gatherings are past even though I enjoyed them.

  8. An adorable version of this Lady Grey project. In fact, I
    think you made the most of the design with your two colour combo
    and your choice of fabric doesn’t make the coat look as bulky as in
    some of the other versions I’ve seen. A real Christmassy

  9. Love your coat – gorgeous! Wish we had snow only rain!

  10. Ali

    Wowza! Love the contrast collar, the double buttons (and you know how I feel about your fitting and peplumβ€”sigh). Great job! I particularly love that you’ve made this coat your own. That’s why pattern alternation is so cool, I think.

  11. Catherine

    The coat looks stunning on you. And I got pinking shears
    for Christmas too!!!! I jumped up and down when I opened them. Sad,
    I know.

  12. lovely! I’m so in love with those boots! And the black thread for the button holes!

    I love my pinking shears and use them for EVERYTHING – including cutting paper. I’m so bad…

  13. Doesn’t the peplum just make you feel like a lady? I’ve seen other Lady Grey’s in red and now I know I must also have one…
    Great job!

  14. I love a red coat in winter – fantastic, and the boots make the look. I want those boots!

  15. The coat is stunning! Beautiful work!

  16. Wow! The coat is fab – looks so wintery against the snowy back drop & the boots finish it off very nicely Happy Christmas!! πŸ™‚

  17. Love your coat and your styling.

  18. I’ve returned from the barren white north and this is what I find you’ve been up to?! AWESOMENESS!!

  19. WOW! That looks absolutely fabulous! I really wanted to make that jacket before, but now I think it’s more like a need. I love it in red, and it really is your colour. Great job!

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  21. You totally made this your own design. Kudos!

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