A finished coat... missing only one ten-year-old girl

… is a finished garment and no good photos to show it off. Nature has graced us with the perfect backdrop for the coat (six or eight inches of snow in the last two days), but by the time the buttons were on this evening the light was gone, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest. However, since I’m dying to show off just a little bit, here’s some flat shots and details, not that most of my details are worth ogling ;).

I’ll do a full write up with the last of my construction woes when I get some decent pictures… by which time I’m sure you’ll be as sick of this thing as I am (if you aren’t already 😉 )

And now the big question: will she actually be able to wear it “for everyday” or will this become the dreaded fancy coat? It’s supposed to be -21C here tomorrow (about five below zero F… somehow that sounds warmer 😉 ), which will be a big test for my winter coat, as well.



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16 responses to “Frustration…

  1. It looks GORGEOUS! And you didn’t take 2 months to make it happen. Am I wrong or have you pulled it all together in a couple of weeks? Amazing.

    • Hmm. Looking back at the posts I think I started it at the very end of October, but I had pretty much all the materials on hand before that. Still, pretty quick, especially compared to my own coat. 🙂

  2. lazystitcher

    -21!! That is insanity. Look forward to hearing how your coats hold up 🙂
    ~ Alana

  3. Marie-Christine

    It loooks great! But are you sure a vent is a good idea in -21o?!? Depends on how much wind you get with that temperature I guess :-). At least the red should be warming.

  4. Awesome! I wouldn’t mind one just like it!
    Red coats rule…

  5. Uta

    The coat is really lovely; I hope she wears it often! And I’m amazed at your speed, with bound buttonholes even. Good job!

  6. That’s such a Coat of Radness. 10-year-old me is green with envy, imagine wearing such a cool coat made by your mom. (Hell, 26-year old me is a little jealous even though I know it isn’t my size.)

  7. The coat is gorgeous, “fancy” coat or not if it’s cold 10 yo me would wear it everyday – I’d look really swish compared to my friends in their padded sleeping-bag style coats 🙂

    ….now go & make something for yourself, you know you deserve it after all the hours that went into this project!

  8. Yeay – the coat turned out gorgeous!!!!

  9. Sewista Fashionista

    The coat turned out terrific! Love the gold buttons on the red wool. I have a little girl too and I am constantly on the fence. I want to let her wear her “good” clothes as much as possible as she will grow out of them soon. But it breaks my heart when they start showing the grime that only small children seem to accumulate.

  10. Thanks, everyone! It turns out it is only -13 this morning, which hardly counts. We stuffed her in the coat and sent her off, complaining all the way about how she can’t move her arms. She was, however, nice and toasty. The next few days have nightime lows in the -20s but daytime highs still in the low negative teens… we’ll have to see what our morning temperatures are closer to.

    I really hope I don’t have to open up the sleeves and take the underlining out 😦

  11. Fabb

    What a beautiful coat. I love that shade of red and the black details. I’ve got 2 boys and their clothes are just so…boring.

    I think we’re in the same city and I am so glad to be escaping the -29 or whatever it’s going to be. I’d rather deal with Vancouver rain ATM.

    • Generally I prefer snow to rain, but not when it makes for 2-hr-traffic jams! (Though today seems better, finally). It is nice to be able to sew for girls… I must admit I probably wouldn’t sew much for boys if I had them. Though I do enjoy making the odd shirt for my husband…

  12. Oh my, such a beautiful coat!! I hope she wears it every day… well at least while you are getting those extremely cold days… brrr
    I can’t wait to see the photos of her in it!

  13. Ooooh, gorgeous! Can’t wait to see her in it looking happy and warm.

  14. You did a fantastic job!! I’m so impressed!

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