A sneaky peak

at the progress from the weekend.

Coat, left; lining, right

The sleeves are attached (and still dangerously narrow 😦 ); the lining and facing is sewn (this is the first time I’ve done a lining with a facing at the back of the neck. It was not particularly difficult. I drafted fold-over cuffs for the end of the sleeve… we’ll see how those go on; I used the same idea as the ones for Syo’s coat.

I did some thing to the roll of the collar that I will describe as pad-stitching’s bastard cousin, which did succeed in giving it some shape (at least so far), and only shows a little.

Tyo picked out some silver metal buttons. They’re lovely, although silver buttons really wasn’t what I was envisioning for this coat. She likes them, though.


But most importantly, I remembered to sew the label to the neck facing already, so I don’t have to hand-stitch it on at the end! 🙂



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10 responses to “A sneaky peak

  1. holy cupcakes, this looks amazing!! ok i need you move next door so you can hold my hand while i make my coat! pretty please!

  2. It looks awesome – and it’s not even finished yet!
    I’m a back neck facing fan – gives you somewhere to put the label, and you get to attach the lining in one fell swoop without handsewing!

    • I still haven’t figured out the one-fell-swoop lining (though the method I use still has a lot less hand-sewing than the one my sewing book recommends…), but I do like the back neck facing 🙂

  3. A very warm, black and red coat, this is exactly what I need in MY wardrobe! Hey, if silver buttons make the girl happy, silver buttons it is, right?

  4. Sewista Fashionista

    Little girls wearing little red coats are the bees knees! So irresistable. You can really see how well it is taking shape.

  5. Looking so good! Ooo… I think silver buttons would be cool!

  6. A la Madeline! Too cute!

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