One last thing…

Of course, the week that the Selfish Seamstress links to me would be the week that I get next to no sewing done. Sorry, folks, we had company and my sewing machine hasn’t been unbanished from the basement yet. Soon, though.

The days are dwindling. I’m not ready for September for so many reasons (the least of which is my 30th birthday :P). I’m not sick of summer! I need at least a couple of weeks of solidly brutal heat to prepare me for the winter to come. Even though the winters here are fairly pansy-ass compared to what I grew up with, they still bite. I am not mentally equipt for moderate climates. Instead, what we got was a weekend that didn’t get above 20 C the whole time. Yesterday and today won’t get above 15. Brutal!

Anyway, I feel like there’s just time to plan for one last garment before September really begins (I will obviously attempt to keep sewing in September, but it’s going to be limited, and probably focused on my winter coat). So what should it be?

My problem is that what I want to do is fabric shop. I am sick of my (admittedly limited) stash, with the exception of a few pieces that I have garments in mind that I’m not ready for yet. There are all kinds of (comparatively… it is Fabricland, after all) glorious sweater-weight knits at Fabricland that are tempting me, not to mention coating (for the Lady Grey of course). I want to play around with my Lydia pattern more, too, and I don’t have any knits for that. I’d really like some killer denim; I have enough for one more black pair, which is all right, but I’d really prefer a dark indigo wash. Not that there was anything like that at Fabricland last time I checked, mind you. And while you’d think I’d be able to justify some birthday splurging, the always-tight budget is even tighter than usual (still recovering from the summer splurges, and September is always a pricey month with the kids’ school starting). We’ll see. I also need to order the Lady Grey pattern, and if I’m going to do that I might as well order the Ceylon at the same time, right? (I think I’ve talked myself out of Beignet… if I decide I can’t live without it I’ll make up a regular pencil-skirt with a button front instead.)

I did receive some small relief last night in the form of some last-minute hand-me-downs from the Selfish Seamstress. I can see one of the fabrics becoming another JJ. (Because, y’know, I really need another one of those). But I still want sweater knit! I want long sleeves!

Now to reclaim my machine. I have a scheme to set it up on the computer desk, which would be an improvement over the kitchen table where it’s been lurking all summer, and the Monster (aka the 10-year-old) needs to finish her bag… but first I have to do a ton of running around. With no car today, I might add. Argh.



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4 responses to “One last thing…

  1. You might as well learn now that the SS is Pure Evil when it comes to ill-timed links. She managed to link to me ONE TIME and it was in a month that I barely posted anything at all. Thus depriving her readers of the genius that is moi. Hmph. She really is selfish. You can dress her up all generous with the hand-me-down talk, but the truth will out.

    And if it makes you feel better, we get no winter here at all (to speak of)… it lasts maybe three weeks. Not worth making any winter clothes at all, which is just downright depressing. I so miss my winter clothes. Sweaters. Wool coats. Fur hats. -sniffle-

    • Yeah, we all know what really motivates her “generosity” ;).

      I have only been in Texas once, which was in May, and it was already WAY FRAKKING HOT most of the time. Also humid. What’s up with that?

      Though, doesn’t it at least get chilly at night? (Or am I thinking Arizona…)

      • Arizona. Or someplace like that. Once it gets hot here, it’s hot 24/7. This week we were all excited because the heat finally broke. It was 99 F. Whoo hoo. Eventually it will cool off to mid 80’s and then in October/November it will be spectacular for about three weeks. Then it will be chilly and bleh for another six weeks (like maybe down to freezing a few days) and then… it will be hot. If you like summer clothes, this is the place to live. I hate summer clothes. At least we’re in the high plains (read: a desert with grass) so it’s not usually sticky. Usually.

        wow, you so wanted to know all that, right? sheesh.

      • I read once that Canadians spend more time per capita talking about the weather than any other country… so bring it on! Dry heat is better than humid… walking out of the airport in Austin felt like walking into a swimming pool! (But when we got up ‘north’—does Archer County count as “Texoma”?—it was definitely more of a dry burn… aside from the fact that I’ve never experienced those temperatures outside of July and August)

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