Fall Re-fashion

Former capris

Is it still a re-fashion if it’s an alteration to a piece you already made, and never fully finished?

These are my first pair of Jalie jeans. I made them capri-length, but never got around to hemming them. But I have since made another pair of capris that I like better, and I had just enough of this denim left to piss me off (without being enough to do anything with unless I want to make another  Kasia with denim hip-inserts 😉 ), so I made panels and sewed them to the bottom and now I have a pair of (hopefully) interestingly-seamed full-length jeans. I may actually have hemmed

Crappy topstitching.

them a little short… we’ll see. I should probably re-do the topstitching (something went wrong with the bobbin-thread), but I may be too lazy too. It’s not like the rest of the jeans are a great piece of work to begin with. There’s a slight difference in colour between the jeans (which have been washed a few times) and the new fabric, but that’ll either fade or not… either way works. But they will be much more useful to me during Self-Stitched September as full-length pants than as capris.

I still want to make another proper full-length pair, though :).

How they would actually look

The back view



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4 responses to “Fall Re-fashion

  1. HOTT jeans! I’ve got the pattern, now if I just had your butt. LOL 🙂

    Found you via our pal Selfish. I can’t wait to see what new things you create!

    • Nice to meet you! Gotta love the Selfish :). Thanks for the compliment… my fave thing about making my own jeans is I can make the pockets in proportion with the butt (i.e. SMALL!) lol

  2. I think it counts as both a refashion and a new piece. Give yourself 2 points 🙂

  3. Dianne

    Fantastic jeans. I love all of your self made jeans. Great!!

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