I hate fashion.

Or at least, I hate it when it dictates to people what they must wear contrary to their personal inclination.

The only relevant questions should be: does it fit? is it fun? is it flattering?

Not necessarily in that order.

In everyday life this doesn’t creep up on me too often (except last winter when I was looking for a good pair of jeans that didn’t come with holes in already… hence my Jalie Jeans pattern purchase), but it really pisses me off when I encounter it in the sewing world. We come to sewing (or I do) so we can have the garments we want, as we want them, when we want them. So that we’re not limited by the imagination and pocketbooks of designers and manufacturers who have absolutely no clue about our lives and personalities. Sewing makes us free to choose: our colour, our hemline, our silhouette, our style. When I hear fellow sewists who I admire so much worrying that their hemline is too long(short, wide, narrow), or that a garment is (twitch) “dated”?

I start seeing red. I feel as pissed off as I did in gr. 4 when our socks “had to be” folded at the ankle and our pants had to be cuffed, but the cuffs could not be more than 2″ wide. As pissed off as I was when I gave in and bought my first pair of bell-bottoms. As… grr.

Make what you want.

Wear what you want.

Rock it.

The rest of ’em can go shove it.

/end rant. Whew. Sorry about that, folks. Please return to your regularly scheduled sewing.



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