Quick, practical, a tiny bit less plain.

Tank top V. 2: Blue

Ok, I lied. Why clean the house when I can sew?

A second tank top, made out of my lovely robin’s-egg blue knit. I added elastic at the centre bust and along the hips to add ruching; it worked nicely on the bust, not so well on the hips (I think the stitch I used there was a bad choice. Oopsie). I guess I could add more rows of ruching on either side of the seam to intensify it, like vertical shirring. The ruching is formed by sewing a stretched elastic to the back of the fabric; it makes a nice, stretchable gather if you get it even. I haven’t used this technique since I was about 12, and never on a stretchy fabric, so I’m a little out of practice. More than a little.

It’s a little bit looser and a little bit longer in the body than my first tank top, but still fairly comfy. Full time sewing: about an hour and a half. These really are ridiculously easy (and quick) to make—and use hardly any fabric. Even including the price of elastic, and fabric at $8/m (hooray for 60% off clearance!), it can’t be more than $5 for the whole shirt. Even the construction time isn’t that much more than it would take me to run to the mall to buy one.

Tank-top V. 2: back



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9 responses to “Quick, practical, a tiny bit less plain.

  1. Ali

    I’m enjoying following your quick knit projects as I’ve been entering knit terrain as well lately and it’s taking every bit of resistance not to spend all day sewing t-shirts and tanks. They’re just so fast and comfy.

    Great job on this! Straps and ruching, oh my! 🙂

    • Thanks! I found your post on knits awesome, too (and I keep meaning to check out that podcast you linked, I really do). They are fast! I think I needed it after those jean jackets…

  2. Cute! I’ve started working with knits a little while ago, too! The shirring at the bust looks real nice, I’ll have to remember that.

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