At long last

McCall's 7123 front view

The Boy’s first shirt (made by me, anyway). Not the evil knit one, the lovely crinkle cotton voile.  It’s been finished a week, easy, but this was the first time I could tempt (read: coerce) him into letting me take a proper photo. You may recall my previous attempt. Anyway, I love this shirt, and he seems to as well, judging by the number of times he’s worn it already. It is distinctly sheer, so it’s probably at its best with an undershirt, but ah well. It was like pulling teeth just to get these pictures, I wasn’t going to make him go change too…

When/if I make this shirt again (the knit version doesn’t count), I’ll change the cuffs so they are wider, as the narrower width gives it a costumey, home-made look. I’m considering trying to move the neck further back in the yoke, since as is the “front yoke” seam, which is supposed to be a bit in front of the shoulder line, is pretty much right at the top of his shoulder. Alternatively, I suppose I could lengthen the front of the yoke and just shorten the shirt front by a corresponding amount, and leave the back alone. Probably simpler that way…

I think he was wearing a shirt very much like this the first time I spotted him at the goth bar,

McCall's 7123, rear view

more than eleven years ago, now… 😉

Mine is nicer.

Also,  I still can’t post projects on Burdastyle. I can finally see my profile and activity again (after three days without! C’mon, people! The torture!), but no project love. /whine.



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