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Wow, the Danielle Dress has occupied my brain so long, I feel all floaty now that it’s done. What will I do? What will I sew?

Now, I’ve spent lots of time rambling in the past about things I want to make in the future. It is a very long, ever-evolving list. It includes:

This is without even bringing up crazier things like making my own sailor-shorts.

Most of the heavier stuff I don’t really want to tackle until August (though I would like to knock out one pair of jeans in July), but right now I think I’m leaning towards starting the burda jackets and (because I want to be working on something for me, as well) experimenting with a knit top or two. Which raises the question: which knit top?

The options are as follows:

  • batwing top
  • sleeveless cowl-neck top (the Selfish Seamstress’s or Ichigo Girl’s; despite my fondness for the Selfish Seamstress, I think I might go with the second one just so that I don’t have to grade the pattern up)
  • long-sleeve T (I would probably trace a pattern off one I have)
  • tank-top (again, tracing a pattern off one I have)… I’d like to do this with fold-over elastic at the top, which my Fabricland didn’t appear to have. Their notions selection is really crappy—I’ll have to check the other location this weekend.

In other news, I had a bit of a me-made holiday over the weekend, since I got to wear my Danielle Dress to the wedding and my Jalie capris almost every other day.  Now I’m home, wearing all RTW feels sorta… boring.

Okay, I think I’ve convinced myself. It will be Ichigogirl’s cowl-neck top/dress (top version), out of my flimsy white knit. I will double-line the top, so it doesn’t need a facing. I may narrow the shoulder-seams a bit, too, as I think that would look cute. Down with knitophobia!


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