Sewing stuff to buy (and other rambles)

Tomorrow is payday. No big splurges, but here’s my list:

  1. double jeans needle
  2. 6 m kasha lining for winter coat (assuming linings are still 2-for-1) (depending on how wide the lining is… if it’s narrow I’ll need 8m)
  3. 2-3 m black lining for the Danielle dress. Have decided I should line as well as underline.
  4. topstitching thread for jeans (I think something silvery might look nice with the black denim.)

Anything else? Not that I really NEED. (Ok, the only thing on that list that I actually need this pay-period is the black lining for the Danielle. But I hate to miss a sale on the lining, and I’m itching to have the stuff around for the jeans, even if I don’t get around to them for a few more weeks). There are some other fabrics ‘n things on the wish list, though:

  • a handkerchief linen or linen blend for a mediaeval-faire shirt for Robin (there’s one at a semi-nearby town in August! Wow!)
  • some kind of knit. I yearn to break free of my fear of sewing with knits. And I actually saw some nice ones last time I was at Fabricland (somehow, when I have no money all the fabric looks nicer…)
  • some kind of pattern to sew the knits with.
  • something red and rich-looking to make a surcote for my mediaeval gown (for the same mediaeval faire) (Alternatively I could wear my turkish dancer pieces and go that route, but I would need to make some outer layers since the ones I have complete class more as “underwear”)
  • a blue “metallic”/shiny brocade to make a vest for Robin.
  • shirring elastic (just for fun.)

I have the Danielle mostly cut out (aside from a lining). Unfortunately, I just realized that the front skirt (cut on fold) I cut all around. STOOPID! I swear on the pattern the line looked curved, but no… when I went to cut the underlining (and noticed the problem) it is straight indeed. And of course there is not enough left to recut. I am thinking I will try and put a little pleat panel of a contrast fabric (the same that the waistband and sleeves will be made of) at the centre front and hope that that looks cool and intentional.

I also spent some time yesterday when I should have been working playing with the Port Elizabeth shirt pattern off Burdastyle. I think it could be a base for my Sencha-style blouse idea, though by the time I’m done with it I think the resemblance to either pattern will be passing. This is a user-uploaded pattern and I’m not super thrilled with it, but with any luck it will serve my purposes…


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