That’s it.

I want a duct-tape double.

Not that I’d scoff at a fully-fledged dress form (most duct-tape doubles are a touch ugly, and not always as accurate as you would hope) but I’d rather spend my money on fabric (speaking of, the linings at Fabricland were on sale buy 1m, get 1 free last week, which is the sale I need to get my lining for my winter coat—and I had no money. Hopefully it will still be ongoing come payday. They don’t have black, but they do have oodles of a light grey that would work. Alternatively I could go for a crazy colour—burgundy, say, or teal—and have an awesome surprise inside my coat. I like that thought, actually).

So, doubles. I want to be able to fit stuff (especially in the back!) and that’s just hard to do on yourself. And I’m going to need something to hang my coat on for hemming—that big skirt is going to have tons of bias stretching out at the hem that will need to be trimmed before hemming. Not hard to do when someone else is wearing the garment, but hard to do yourself. If I make one over a coat-hanger, I can hang it in the closet and keep it out of the way when not in use, too.

Also, I can spend way more time than I can possibly justify reading about tailoring.



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2 responses to “That’s it.

  1. Right. I bought the duct tape. All I need is my boyfriend to use it. And he has this sneaky smile at the mention, hmmmm.
    Have you checked Mimi Goodwin’s video on making a duct tape dummy? It’s great.

    • I’ve seen various tutorials/explanations, but I’ll check that one out! Still trying to decide between duct-tape and paper packing tape. Either way… I don’t think my boyfriend gets to do it, he’d have WAY too much fun… 😉

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