What to do?

With 1.5 m of this:


It’s a lovely, heavy-weight striped denim. The colour in the photo is crappy—it’s a fairly standard dark-wash indigo between the lighter stripes. I was not bad—a co-worker gave it to me. Cool! It’s not stretch, so it can’t become my next pair of Jalies (too bad, really). I’ve been dreaming of jean-jackets, but aside from lacking a pattern, it’s a little too gorgeous for a casual, slouchy kid jacket (and I already have a perfectly good jean-jacket for myself).

Skirt? tailored blazer out of denim? (that would be nifty, actually… especially with some edges left raw? hmm. It’s only 1.5 m long, but it’s really wide so there’s actually a lot of fabric. Enough extra for a pencil skirt?)



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6 responses to “What to do?

  1. seemane

    I vote you make the BurdaStyle Kasia skirt, and have some big-‘ol cream/off-white buttons and have the same colour for the side-pieces on the hipline 🙂


    If you put a zip in the centre-back (instead of using the button-opening at the front) then you could “fake” the buttons (ie no buttonholes to make) and put in some useful pockets instead!

    • seemane

      Opps 😦 😦 😦 – re: spelling “S” & “W” are next to each other on the keyboard – big apologies – it should say off-white…. can you edit it please?

      • LOL on the edit… I will see if I can figure it out. I like that idea! (and already have the Kasia downloaded 😉 ). I wonder if I’d have enough to do a blazer AND Kasia… maybe a cropped blazer? hmm…

  2. seemane

    Oooh… I see you managed to fix my mis-typing faux-pas, thank you :)!! . Re: jacket – (yet another BurdaStyle suggestion from me LOL!) is the FREE pattern for the Eva #4102 Jacket http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/eva, Satomi made a cute one (http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/my-eva-jacket) her’s stops just on/above the jeans waistband… so pretty cropped in length 🙂

    • Yeah, that one is another I have downloaded (you have good taste! 😉 and I love that shortened version)… I love free patterns, and the BurdaStyle ones are some of the best I’ve come across :). I also have a surprisingly classic 80s women’s suit-jacket pattern that I keep meaning to give a go. However somewhere along the line it lost its envelope and instructions! So I will probably choose between those two. Or, y’know, wimp out and go with the skirt :). I want to believe that there’s enough fabric for both but I’m probably deluding myself. Sewing the Kasia would definitely be easier, but I’d probably get a lot more use out of a blazer.

      Re. the edit—yes, apparently I can change my comments to say whatever I want them to. This is a little creepy, actually. 😉

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