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Speaking of impatience…

Sundress Start

Last night when I couldn’t proceed any further on the jean jacket, I pulled out the sundress pattern, read the instructions (!), even ┬ádid something approaching a tissue fit, and started cutting. Remember when I said I would make a top-length first, to try it out?

Ah, no.

I have now cut the rest of my white crinkle voile (otherwise known as this shirt) in a full-length version of the dress. The top is self-lined, by the way, so I decided to cut the outer layer of the top out of this print gauze, and add a 3/4 length overskirt of the same gauze.

The gauze, by the way, is a (now) former broomstick skirt I’ve had forever. Ok, since the early nineties. I wore it to my grade-8 grad, and it was not new then. Broomstick skirts no longer do it for me, but I’ve always loved the colour and the pattern. I’m not much of a print person, really, but this one works for me. Hopefully, it will also work for this dress. I’m going to do it as an overskirt, open in the front. I’m hoping it’ll be enough to make the voile non-transparent, but we’ll see. I may have to make a slip or something. Definitely not a dress to wear with black undies.

I did not trace this pattern out. It was already cut, apparently by someone with a lot more cutting skill than me. Also she appears to have used weights. There are no pin-marks. So when cutting mine, I used weights (aka soup cans), too.

I am not real good at that. Also, I think I may need to think about new fabric scissors. Mine are pretty good, but they don’t snip. You know, with the very tips. I have so many memories of my mom cutting out fabric, going *snip, snip* with just the tips of the scissors around the notches, and they would come out perfectly. My scissors cut really well except for the last half-centimetre or so at the tips. This makes snipping around notches really crappy. Especially with weights rather than pins. Especially with precious vintage tissue I don’t want to damage. It would be nice to have some bent shears, as well. The kind where you don’t have to lift the fabric as much to cut.

Anyway, here’s hoping. Stay tuned!



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