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Actually simple

DSC08524Vogue 2960 looks pretty intense, with that crazy skirt and underbust gathers. And some of those Vintage Vogue patterns are just weird, man.


Also a shameless envelope imitator. Could I get my dress much closer to the picture? I just need the gloves and jewelry.

And what if the bust gathers were weird or I didn’t like the neckline? I won’t lie, I was a little intimidated.


DSC08519And I didn’t need to be. What a sweet, straightforward sew.

The pattern breaks between 10 and 12, which is awkward since I usually blend between those sizes, but as I’m generally happier with the shoulders of a 10, and I wasn’t too worried about the hips fitting, I went with the size 10.  no regrets! The only fitting change I made prior to cutting was to petite between bust and waist. I don’t think I even did a swayback adjustment on the bodice.

 I basted the side seams of the bodice to check fit, decided to take up the shoulders 1/4″ each on trying it on (not surprising for me) and then ripped them out so I could “clean finish” with the facings. A la the Slapdash Sewist, to dig a tutorial from the deep web.

I used a fair bit of stabilization at the neckline, as my fabric, a very soft cotton linen blend, stretched easily. (I will take the stretch, though, otherwise I would probably have had to let out the waist.)

DSC08513I’m not sure I did the pleats correctly—I followed the markings but then stitched them down, whereas in hindsight the pattern illustration just shows them being pleated. And my rear pleats don’t meet the way they seem to in the illustration, either.  Probably because of the stitching-down thing. I like the stitching down, though, as it controls the fullness right below my waist—I don’t like gathered skirts at my natural waist as they just make me look boxy, and I was a little nervous of the pleats.

DSC08516I like the lace at the neckline; I was initially on the fence about the lace at the hem, but I got it as part of the project so I thought I’d better use it, and it’s grown on me.

I shortened the skirt by about 4.5″—it is definitely on the long side. I didn’t want to go too short and ruin the proportions, but I think it’s still long enough. I’m really terrible at leveling hems, though, so I’m nervous about that.

The trickiest part may have been the little jut over where the buttons end, and even that wasn’t too hard after a quick glance at the instructions. I did not do the bound buttonholes the directions called for. I have a perfectly good vintage buttonholer thank you. And that is a lot of buttons on a very short placket! But necessary with the close fit of the bodice.

Even without the petticoat it’s not half bad, though as with all 50s-style dresses it’s more fun with.

DSC08520All in all, this was a nice, quick project with a nice fabric and surprisingly little drama. I’ll take it!


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