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Sew Knit N Stretch


One of the most fun things about my Stylish sister-in-law’s recent pattern haul was the relative abundance of independent knit patterns it included. Several belonged to a company called “Sew-Knit-N-Stretch”. According to the Vintage Pattern Wiki, this company was founded in 1967 and changed its name in 1974—to Kwik Sew.

I just realized this “hot pants” pattern (which really pissed Stylish off, as she got all excited about the coat pictured) is numbered “000”

As in, possibly the first Kwik Sew pattern ever?

… I can’t find a date on the outside. Hmm. I am totally tickled by the possibility, though.


Ok, so commenter Jen noticed that the background graphic resembles matches in a book! That is cool, but it also explains something—the other copy of the pattern (did I mention there were two? Stylish kept the other one) has another, “wrapper” piece of paper that folds around the outside from bottom to top. Kind of, y’know, just like a matchbook. The whole thing was fastened together by a staple at the bottom. Kinda, y’know, like a matchbook. ZOMG COOLEST PATTERN PACKAGING EVER!

I now totally want to make these. Which sucks because me and the high-waisted things, we do not get along. I wonder if I could convince Tyo to wear a pair…



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