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Self-Stitched September, and a poll

Self-Stitched September?

Folks, I’m in a quandary. It’s the eve of Self-Stitched September, and I don’t know whether to participate or not.

Sewing’s been a bit slow this summer, for various reasons, and with the fall looming I can’t really see that changing. If I even think of the mountain of things I have to accomplish in the next eight to ten months, I’ll collapse into a wriggling ball of jelly. I know SSS doesn’t MANDATE daily posts (really, what’s the point if I don’t take daily photos, though?), I’m just not sure I”m up to the commitment. Which sucks because I’ve really enjoyed documenting the me-made months in the past, and I’ve been proud that I’ve been able to include at least a LITTLE bit of sewing/discussion in each post. I don’t think I can do that this time, though.

I’m so totally torn.

On a lighter note, it’s my birthday next week! (Hmm, somehow I’m less excited about that than I used to be…)

I’ve really enjoyed some of the things other bloggers have done for their birthdays—week-long giveaways, Oona’s rocking party (which I could only observe, being on vacay, but man it looked like some awesome fun). But I’m rubbish at mailing ANYTHING, and let’s face it, I just can’t party like a New Yorker.

What I WOULD like to do is share a pattern. I’ve been playing with several over the last few months, but haven’t quite gotten any to a point where I was ready to share them. Partly because I’m not sure how they’d be appreciated. ┬áSo I figured I’d ask you all to choose, and then finish up the instructions and grading and put up a PDF. The ones I’m thinking of are:

The Cropped Jean-Jacket:

Cropped Jean-jacket

The Flutter-Sleeved Tunic:

Flutter-Sleeve Tunic

The Grecian Sundress:

Grecian Sundress

The tunic and sundress both had some minor issues that will easily be resolved by a tweak of the pattern before it gets to you—lengthening the tunic, eliminating the waist-seam in the sundress. I’m pretty happy with the jean-jacket pattern as is, but the construction is a lot more involved, which might deter people. I would do my absolute bestest to grade the patterns and make up some proper (hopefully even illustrated!) instructions. And probably do up another version of the final pattern while I’m at it.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get the poll feature working and you can all vote below (click through to the site if you’re reading this in a feed reader)—otherwise just leave me a comment letting me know. *crosses fingers that there actually ARE votes*



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