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I met Oona!

My only picture of the two of us. I look a little spastic, I fear. Oona got better pictures, as her camera is much cooler than mine...

The infamous Oonaballoona from Kalkatroona, of course.

And she is, indeed, Oonalicious.


And many more fabulous oonjectives as well.

Sadly, the crushing Forces of the Universe were conspiring to keep us apart—despite her recent Rocky Mountain stint only a stone’s throw from my personal stomping ground, two weeks of email tag just couldn’t seem to mesh our schedules together, so the best we could do was a last, desperate meetup in, yes, the airport. We had just under an hour to squee, squeak, bounce up and down, and probably thoroughly confuse everyone around us (Not to mention nearly giving Ruggy an aneurysm as we delayed their passage through customs. I’m sorry, Ruggy, I really am!). Dearly beloveds, it was not nearly enough. I’m pretty sure I could spend HOURS squeeing with Oona (especially if there was a fabric store in range). Days just chatting it up. /sigh. I can report that she is just as adorable in person as online, and Ruggy is just as much a southern gentleman as claimed, even under extreme duress. She was also excessively impressed by my jacket and dress. Especially when she creates stuff like this. And this. *envy*

Obviously I need to start saving my pennies so I can visit New York City…

A rather better picture of her Oontastic Loveliness

The ONLY photo of me in NYC.

Anyway, hopefully she’s home safe by now, enjoying her goodies and her own bed (the worst thing about travelling, IMO, is sleeping in other beds). I miss her already.


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