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Last year at this time I managed to pull together a pattern to share. This year, what with moving, I fear that’s been the last thing on my mind. And, frankly, with a lot of the big changes in my life recently I could pretty easily be pretty whiny and down on this birthday. Which wouldn’t be very fun for anyone, least of all me. So let’s focus on the good things.

I have (often) happy, (generally) healthy kids, who despite their loud protests are settling in to their new lives just fine.

I have a man whom I love and who loves me back, and we’ve managed to make our way together for more good years than any of our parents had. Even if he did go and beat Darksiders II last week while I was busy.

I have loving and supporting family on all sides. (Even better now that they’re no longer hundreds of kilometres away.)

I have a head full of ideas, interests, and dreams, even if I can’t quite manage to figure out how to make any of them particularly practical.

And, not to be too maudlin, but I have your support as readers. It’s really, really awesome.

Oh, and Osiris took me across town on the motorcycle to pick up my birthday present:





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