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My me-made petticoat (under circle skirt)

How fluffy is too fluffy?

Last winter, I made a fluffy petticoat. I love it very much, and I’ve worn it relatively frequently, considering that it pretty clearly falls into the “stunt dressing” category.

But I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s just not quite fluffy enough. It’s made with soft tulle and chiffon, not the crispest fabrics out there, and it just doesn’t quite have the poof it used to. I even bought some more tulle to make another (or another layer to the existing one), although it’s still sitting in the stash at the moment.


Then, at Value Village the other day, this crinoline presented itself.

Fluffy! Thrift store crinoline.

It’s a perfect length for most of my circle-type skirts (okay, maybe a bit long, but nothing rolling over the waist won’t fix). And it’s got poof.

Plenty of it.

Possibly a bit too much poof for everyday… I already feel a bit like I’m taking up more space than I ought when I wear my me-made petticoat. I have a feeling this crinoline is crossing lines into square-dance territory, I fear.

But man, oh man, is it fun!

On the other hand, the kids have been wearing it around in a display of princessosity that hasn’t been seen since Syo finished Kindergarten. So I’m pretty sure either way it’ll get some use. And for $7, I’m not going to complain.

In other news, I have been bad (or good?) on the pattern front. I was lucky enough to win Heather of Sewing on Pins‘ giveaway a few weeks back, which netted me two nifty ffities patterns, my first from that era:

Patterns from Sewing on Pins!

Although I must admit, the skirt pattern barely qualifies. It’s basically a rectangle with some darts at the top. I do like how the ladies are holding up the pattern piece for show, though. The blouse is pretty cute and has an adorable V-back, with relatively little waist shaping. I’m curious to give it a try, but it may not happen before spring. Autumn has very definitely set in here…

Thrift Store Patterns

I also picked up a couple of patterns at the thrift store this week. What can I say? Fantasy life. Speaking of which, the baby pattern was strictly for “gee, I might want to make this up for someone who had a baby sometime” purposes. We are not expecting and do not expect to be (and even if it were I wouldn’t be getting it christened). ¬†Unfortunately, the instructions appear to be missing, unless they’re printed on the tissue sheets themselves, which are uncut.

I liked the range of variations on the Simplicity pattern, and it’s a junior size, which theoretically might be better suited to my figure. Or not. We’ll see. Tyo likes them, too, although it’ll be another year or two before she fits even the smallest of them.

Is that enough rambling? Can you tell I’m avoiding making Hallowe’en costumes?


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