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Happy Canada Day!

Actually Canada Day was yesterday (July 1). I barely left the house and didn’t put on makeup, and we were total hermit bums and completely avoided the fireworks and all possible forms of merrymaking. I helped my daughter sew shorts. It was heavenly. But that’s another story for another blog post, because today I’m talking about my Canada Day outfit. Which, as I said, I didn’t wear on Canada day, because that would’ve required changing out of my PJs.  I wore it to work today, though, styled as above, though I don’t think that much of my belly was showing. I got plenty of compliments, anyway, even from the Mennonite ladies, so it can’t have been too scandalous. 

I won’t exactly say this outfit feels “me” but it was pretty fun to make. The fabric is a quilting cotton, lined with white muslin, so basically heaven to sew. The pattern, of course, is Gertie’s Butterick 6354

I was originally envisioning some kind of simple strappy sundress for this fabric, but when B6354 came out, my plans changed pretty quickly. This would’ve been the perfect outfit for spending a day at the celebrations in the park, eating cake and watching multicultural dancing and topping it off with fireworks. If only I weren’t such a lazy bum. 

Anyway, the skirt was super simple and fun to sew. And it has a pretty cool shape, though maybe it’s a bit long on me.

The bodice was a bit more complicated but still not technically bad. I’d never done centre darts before—it was interesting to try but I don’t love them. And I feel like I should’ve shortened my bias front flap pieces a little as they stick out kinda funny. Oh, and did I mention how small I feel like my boobs are in this? 

An SBA might have been a good idea. As it was, by the time I could really try it on it was fully assembled, so I wound up taking a couple of tucks out of the back to bring the whole thing in. Much better, for a last-minute on the fly fix. So if you’re minimal-boobed, like me, you might want to size down. Or add in padded cups. That would’ve been fun. 🙂

The back view.

And that’s about all I can remember, since of course I made this over a month ago so it could hang for a shop project. Happy Canada day, to my fellow Canadians—and happy Indpendence Day to anyone reading from the States. And if you have some other national holiday to be happy about, well, that’s awesome too. And if not, well, have cake anyway!


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