Vintage Shrug Pattern

Shrug Technical Drawing

Simple kimono-sleeved shrug cloned from an original 1950s garment.

*Note that the sleeve-length grading turned out a bit excessive (this was my first try at grading). So the “S” size sleeves are just below the elbow, while the “L” are almost full length. Feel free to choose sleeve length independently of size ;).*

This pattern is VERY forgiving of fit, since there’s no shoulder seam and it doesn’t entirely cover the bust, so I made quite a large gap between the sizes. I’d venture to suggest the following size-range:

    • Small: bust 30-33″; 76-84 cm
    • Medium: bust 34-37″; 87-94 cm
    • Large for busts 38-41″; 97-105 cm



Finished projects:

Three versions (Original, Medium, and Small)


12 responses to “Vintage Shrug Pattern

  1. Thank you! A thousand times thank you…thought I was totally mad couldn’t find a pattern that is me….Have it now!

  2. Marie

    Im so pleased with the result of the shrug I made using your pattern. I did something a little different and used leather as the material and a black lace trim around the outside. It looked really fab when I wore it to my friends wedding recently. It is such a simple basic pattern, that even a novice like me did not have any problems. Thank you xx

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  4. Thank you! I’m putting this in the hopper for a future dress idea I have.

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  6. carmencitabs

    Thank you!

  7. K

    So going to try this

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  10. Bethan

    If i wanted to make this without the cross over at the front, what part of the pattern would I disregard?

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  12. I love this so much! I am sharing a link to this in my newsletter today. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and instructions! 🙂 Lisa

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