Grecian Sundress Pattern

The Grecian Sundress

An easy-fitting sundress with shirred midriff in three lengths, perfect for every part of summer. Multi-size for busts 80-104 cm (31.5-41″).


Pattern for A4 Paper

Pattern for US Letter Paper

Finished projects:

Grecian Sundress (Knee length)

Grecian Sundress (full length)


73 responses to “Grecian Sundress Pattern

  1. Kathy

    Love this! I just downloaded the pattern! I want to make it in the shorter version.

  2. Great dresses! I will have to make one Thanks!

  3. This is beautiful! Thank-you so much for sharing.

  4. Tam Kruger

    Looks great – will be making one in between the two lengths. Thanks for your generosity!

  5. Denise

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, such a blessing and oh
    so thoughtful.

  6. tanya

    so beautiful!!!thanks

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  8. Monica

    Love this! I will make both the short and long dress. Thank you 💛

  9. Taylor

    What would be the best fabric to use. I think I want to make this kind of dress for my wedding and I don’t know what kind of fabric. Someone help

    • Anything light-weight will work—voile, lawn, challis… maybe even a charmeuse. Even a light weight knit. Wow, a wedding dress? I’d love to see that!

      • Taylor

        Yeah as a wedding dress. But just dress it up some. I have some ideas but I’m not sure

        • Jenny

          I am thinking of making this as my wedding dress too. Do you have a picture of how yours turned out? What fabric worked best?

          • Jenny, if you search on my blog you’ll find a couple of poses of finished dresses—the white one is very bridal looking! (My cousin almost wore it for her wedding last summer). The best fabric is something light and soft. Crinkle cotton, lightweight gauze, something like that. A light silk would probably work well. 🙂

  10. Beautiful… Love this !! Thanks for sharing.

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  12. This looks like a wonderful summer dress that will be just right for our hot Christmas. Thank you so much for making it available.

  13. hewan

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!! wow ❤

  14. Aimee

    This is so pretty and easy, and I LOVE that it comes in so many sizes because I can rarely find free patterns above a medium. Thank you for sharing!

  15. plg

    It’s amazing, i am love in of the white dress, you are really beatiful.

  16. Jessica R

    This is very pretty & I want to try it! Has anybody tried it in a knit yet? Can you shire knit?

    • Hi, Jessica! Yes, you can shir knits, although I would practice with your particular knit. I would try for something that doesn’t stretch too much, though, especially lengthwise. 🙂

  17. gillian

    This is amazing. Am about to make myself a tunic. Using discarded lace doona cover! I reckon it is going to be fantastic! Thank you SOOOOO much!

  18. Christina

    Hm. I wonder if my machine can handle elastic thread. It’s a 1929 Singer, and I love it to bits (it really is fairly indestructible), but newfangled things like shirring? Hm. I’m just not sure how it would handle it.

    • If it has a rotary bobbin, I’d give it a shot—as far as I can tell the design for those hasn’t really changed much over the years. I’m not sure about the old shuttle-style long-bobbins, though.

  19. Love this! It’s one of those make in different fabrics and lengths patterns to wear anywhere 🙂 Thank you so much xx

  20. nawel

    please can you give me this pattren

  21. Tori

    Hi Tanit-Isis, I made the long version of this dress in bamboo rayon (yes a stretchy knit) and it turned out fantastic. Its my new favorite dress. The pattern was super easy to follow. Thanks so much!

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  24. Lana

    Thank you! I’m going to try to make the long one with a burgundy quilters cotton and a black sash. Hope it turns out 🙂

  25. Stephani

    Just wanted to let you know that I made two versions of this and reviewed the pattern on I love my new dresses!

  26. Thank you for this lovely and simple-looking dress! I’ve linked up to it in my newsletter as the “pattern of the week.” 🙂 Lisa

  27. Deb

    Thank you for this lovely pattern. Your directions are so clear and easy to follow.

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  30. Angelique

    Hello ! I really like this pattern and cut it out but there’s something I don’t understand: on each piece (front and back), there’s an additional “rectangle” at the neckline. I didn’t know how to work this out while cutting the fabric on the fold so I placed my pattern and cut it as if it weren’t there. Now my front and back piece are cut, I don’t understand why there’s no neckline ? How should I cut it ? Just a slit or a sort of triangle ?

    • Hi, Angelique, the pattern is designed to be cut with a CF and CB seam: the neck is straight with the grain. If you cut it on the fold, you will want to cut a slit down to wherever you want it to end, and then finish the edge with a baby hem or some kind of binding. When the shoulder is gathered up it pulls it open into a V neck.

  31. Angelique

    Hi, thank you for your answer. I’m so used to cutting dresses on the fold, I didn’t realize there was a center seam ! So I’ll just cut a slit like you said (I was about to cut a triangle but now I’ve read your message, I realize it would open too wide).

    • A triangle would probably work, too, you just wouldn’t have as much gathering on the shoulder—mainly I thought the neck would be easier to finish if it was all straight grain. 🙂

  32. Jenna

    I found your awesome pattern after already purchasing fabric for a dress. My measurements put me at a medium but I can only eek out a xs/small with the fabric I have. Is there enough wiggle room with this particular pattern that it might still fit? I am using charmeuse fabric without much stretch. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it would work—it’s pretty full and I’m pretty sure I could go down one size without a problem. Maybe measure the pattern pieces first, though, to be safe. 😦

    • Also, you could probably shorten the sleeves without changing the look too much of that would help you cut a larger size.

  33. Torey Marcona

    Love this grecian dress. Great weekend project

  34. Hi! I’m getting ready to print out the pattern and try it on muslin before i cut into my double gauze. But I noticed that there are no written instructions with the pattern pieces. Is it so intuitive/easy that it will be obvious when I have my pieces cut out?

  35. omg, ignore my last comment…i just scrolled up and saw that the instructions are in a separate link. sorry!

  36. Annette

    Have you tried making the sleeve side longer would really like to make this but I really really hate to show my arms would like to have it elbow or 3/4 length sleve

  37. Amalia Heretis

    Hi! What a lovely dress. Coincidentally I had bought a beautiful silk -very similar to the fabric on the picture!- a couple of years back which I haven’t used because I hadn’t found the appropriate pattern. Now I have! I have one question. Is the 1cm seam included on your pattern? Oh, and do you just make a baby seam on the neckline? Best, Amalia

  38. Phyllis Chambliss

    Thank you for sharing.

  39. Joyice Mann

    Thanks. I can’t wait to do this.

  40. Irene wright

    How many pages will the pattern be in?Thanks

    • If you download the pdf it will show you how many—I don’t recall off the top of my head. It’s a large pattern piece though, so a fairly high number.

  41. Migdalia Garcia

    beautiful dress. thanks

  42. kitblue

    I love the top of this dress – if only I can get it to me I would be so happy. I have the perfect occasion to wear it! Now to find the perfect fabric in my stash. Thanks Luv.

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  44. Kristina Michelle Hill

    If I wanted the back not to be v neck is there a way I could do that. Could I just cut each back pattern in line with the part that sticks out and sew it together without the v neck? Or any other suggestions?

    • The way the pattern is designed the “V” is created when the straight pattern pieces are pushed to the side by the neck and the gathering. To get rid of it in the back you would want to draft a curved neckline but you would need to alter the shoulder piece to do this or the front shoulder wouldn’t match the back.

      • Kristina Michelle Hill

        Ok thanks! I will have to play around with it. I’m only an advanced beginner so I haven’t drafted patterns before. I have some other dress patterns I could use as reference I guess. I can play with it in muslin before I commit to the good fabric. I’m actually envisioning a cowl back. Just not very low, a slight drape. I don’t like my dresses too low. May be beyond my skills to figure out.

  45. Kristina Michelle Hill

    So I have almost finished my dress and successfully altered the back to make it drape instead of be a v-neck. Now I’m wondering if you could give any suggestions about how the waist could be finished. I don’t want to shirr it. Instead I want to have a lace waist band similar to this dress Any suggestions? I understand if not. I’m just a beginner sewer so I have a hard time working things out on my own sometimes.

    • Congratulations on altering the back! If you want to construct a lace belt or waist cincher you could definitely do that as a separate piece, it will hold the dress in place but wont be quite as stable as the shirting.

      • Kristina Michelle Hill

        A lace belt! Duh. I didn’t even think of that as being something separate. Thank you! Sometimes it helps to just have a fresh pair of eyes.

        • Yeah, the one you linked is part of the dress itself but that would be a very different pattern. 🙂

          • Kristina Michelle Hill

            Yeah I am trying to retrofit patterns together. I didn’t know what kind of pattern to start with to do the dress in the link and some people suggested a Greek Goddess style dress and I found yours. So this dress it coming together very strangely but I like it.

  46. Christelle

    Thank you very much for sharing, it is very kind of you. I have been looking for such pattern for a very long time :-)!

  47. Jitka Pešková

    Děkuji za zaslání. Jsou moc krásné

  48. Maia

    This dress is absolutely beautiful! I was just wondering if it would work with a heavy fabric?

  49. Grace Knight

    Hi! Just a wee note to say thank you so much for the awesome pattern! I’ve just finished making it. I adapated it a bit because I wanted a dress for dancing in rather than a sun dress, but it still owes you a huge debt! Photos here if you’re interested! xxx

  50. Michele ferreira da silva Silva

    Amo fazer isso

  51. Michelle Glenn

    I can’t wait to make this for my daughter.

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