Simple white T-shirts

(I made these shirts, and wrote this post, months ago, but never hit publish because I wanted better photos. I should never do that; it never works out. So if the twins look vastly different in age between pictures, that’s why.)

There’s been a debate in the sewing community over the years on the value of making tee shirts, when they’re so readily and cheaply available. Obviously I’m on “team make it anyway, at least if it’s fun for you.” But I did question my sanity a bit on deciding to make these. Surely there are plain white toddler tee shirts to be had fairly easily for a couple of bucks? But in the end I’m glad I made them.

I’ve honestly been wanting to make the twins shirts like these since I finished their Christmas overalls. I held off because, well, see above about tee shirts, and when we switched over to the 18-month clothes the volume of hand-me-downs in their wardrobe doesn’t even fit in their dresser, plus their dad has made a bit of a hobby of scouring thrift shops for matching second-hand baby outfits—he enjoys the challenge. Frankly he’s a better baby stylist than me. But he has increased the number of overalls in their wardrobe substantially, and one thing you are NOT likely to find at the thrift store is multiple white unstained toddler shirts. So these were actually a practical addition.

Look how much more hair River has now than when I took the pics with the overalls!

For the pattern, I used Jalie 2805, which I had traced the smallest size way back when I made the white sweatshirts. The Jalie size F (=2T, I’m told) is still pretty roomy on the twins, but this is also a pretty fitted style. I figured I’d start with the short sleeve because a) summer, and b) no worries about excess length.

And I already have the fabrics and the patterns, so might as well, right?

And the shirts are a little bit big, but that also means they’ll fit for a comfortable length of time.

The fabric is a beefy cotton interlock I bought at some point when thinking I would make tee shirts for my husband. It turns out he’s ridiculously fussy about tees, both fit and feel, and while I won’t swear that I’ll never try again (because finding him a tee he’ll wear at a store is also pretty hit or miss) it won’t be with this fabric, which apparently doesn’t “feel right.” I was actually looking for a cotton Lycra for the twins but this seemed pretty good for a start so I ended my stash search.

Other than that there’s not much to say. The construction is simple. I will brag a little as I think I’m finally making some progress with the precision of my topstitching on the coverstitch (although the hems aren’t quite as tidy.) The heavier fabric is a little puffy, but I also could probably have pressed better. Making a garment entirely on the serger and coverstitch still feels a bit like cheating, though.

Oh and they probably wouldn’t even be finished if I hadn’t needed to change the thread on the coverstitch to make Syo’s grad gown…. (But that’s another story for another day!)



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6 responses to “Simple white T-shirts

  1. Cara

    What spectacularly beautiful children!

  2. Another Sunday when you’re making my day with so much twin cuteness I can hardly bear it 🙂 They make my cheeks hurt with smiling! I can’t blame your husband for hunting down twin clothes in the Thrift Shops – I would be as bad! He’s a Kindred Spirit for sure 🙂 Always love to read about your work, challenges and rich family life! I’m not sure what camp I’m in – making versus buying plain white tees. I bought several at Winners a year ago so I guess that puts me in the buy category but the fit is never that great. I’m tall, narrow shoulders and chest and large breasted (in Kibbe’s body type I’m the classic Soft Dramatic) but making my own…hasn’t been much better. I did make my husband a tee once and that didn’t work out great either. He found it too tight and revealing 🙂 I really love the Ebony Tee by Closet Core patterns. Surprisingly! I doubted it at first but once made it suited me perfectly (the cropped version).

    Thank you for sharing pics of your twins! I’m always thrilled to see a post coming in from you! Your ponderings are always much appreciated too 🙂

  3. I love to see pics of the twins. I would say that I’m on the go ahead and buy the t-shirts side, but I will say that I have always really liked the t-shirts that I’ve made, so there is that.

    • If I didn’t have the fabric and patterns in stock I would probably lean more towards the buying. But in this case it actually felt easier to make, knowing I would end up with exactly what I wanted, and we didn’t have to leave the house for it. 😂

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