The jacket that nearly killed me

Or should I say kilt me? (Feel free to groan away)

If you read any of my posts from January, you probably noticed me whining about this jacket in the background. Well, it’s done! And you can read the full whinge over on The Sewcialists website, as part of their February “Sew Menswear for Everyone” theme month!



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4 responses to “The jacket that nearly killed me

  1. Connie

    What a handsome man in his kilt attire. You did a good job.

  2. I really love this project. I really love your documentation. Your double welt and flap pocket is divine.I don’t really love his fabric choice for this.You did a wonderful job, and the things we don’t see don’t matter (I have yet to walk up to someone and flip open the side vents).

    I am sorry the event was cancelled. That happened a lot this year (although I hadn’t entirely chosen my Whovian costume for the Dr Who weekend event when it was cancelled, it did open an ache in my heart as well as space on my sewing calendar) and it’s hard for the organizing community to pull back together. We need more costumed gatherings. We just do.

    Your uncle is a lucky man.

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