Less impressive

I’m trying to wrangle myself into the Christmas-sewing spirit (not the easiest thing for me to do). Output is down, and a little lackluster.

I did a mock-up of the Archer shirt for my mother (who requested it for her Christmas present), and while it fits, my grading-between-extreme-sizes strategy for trying to avoid an FBA was not overly successful—or rather it worked great but the back is super baggy. Dartless FBA would’ve been a better strategy. It’s not terrible, though, and my plaid matching ain’t bad considering I was half-concussed (long story) when I cut it out.

Syo wanted to make a baby blanket for a friend’s baby shower (how to feel instantly old: when your kids are the ones going to baby showers.) so I dug out all of the baby prints I had. She used none of them, preferring pink camo and a pentagram. But they were still out, so I tried to bust some stash making self-bound blankies for the plague of infants my work is currently experiencing.

Two out of three, done. I need to pick a backing for the third.

In between all of this, I made a cute little lingerie set from some scraps. I’m still a bit conflicted about bralets, but I’m kinda wanting something to wear on the weekends that isn’t underwire. Anyway, it’s worth a try and if I don’t like it I can always give it to the kids. This particular one is a sized-down Tropo camisole chopped off to bralet length, and the underwear, as always, are Watson bikini bottoms.

Then I was a good auntie and pulled out my Jalie onesie pattern and traced out a new size for one niece, and determined the size I used for the Pikachu onesie way back when should work for the older niece now.

Then I cut out more lingerie, from velvet, looking for luxe perfection. That wasn’t quite what I got, so I’m a bit out of sorts.

Not to mention I spent a good chunk of Saturday working to rescue the husk of an old biker jacket that is the signature wardrobe piece of one of my husband’s oldest friends. It was seriously held together largely by shoelaces and duct tape. Now at least the shoelaces will run through proper grommets and the duct tape has stitches securing it. My Janome performed some of the most heroic stitching of its existence (and I need to get that thing serviced so badly!) also we used some scrap leather from my sister-in-law to patch up the gaping holes where the pockets had been removed. But it was a fun project to work on with a friend. I hope we can finish it up next weekend.

K that’s all I’ve got at this second. I’ll probably be more into the Christmas sewing in a few weeks when I have time to get into the proper mindset. Yes, that would be last minute panic.



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5 responses to “Less impressive

  1. I love the jacket mend. I love mending. Maybe I can convince family that’s their holiday giftage.
    Seeing the AIDS ribbon reminds me: not to be Debbie Downer here, but my 21 yr old son would love to trade your daughter’s baby showers for the funerals he’s been going to. “Nice middle class kids, every one of them” All ten are OD’s, every one, over the last two years. White guys full of promise and loving families and poor choices and bad luck. A couple were Eagle scouts. A couple were probably suicides, but still.

    May we all have happy events to sew for.

    • That is heartbreaking, and a good reminder. The daughter of one of my husband’s friends from high school OD’d a couple of years ago—the same age as our oldest daughter. A baby shower is definitely better.

  2. I performed a regular FBA on my Archer, adding a dart, and it worked out well. No pulling up at the front. I really like the fabric you’ve chosen.

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