May was me-made

Well, I did it. Also documented, although the quality of the pics, as you can see, was not high.

My challenge this year was to wear things I made as Fabricland projects—a way to commemorate my time working there before my store closes this summer, and remind myself that as unhappy with the chain as I might be at the moment, it has also given me a lot. Also a way to contemplate the dangers of free fabric.

Other than some of my days off, I did wear at least one work project item a day.

What it also did was drive home HOW MUCH I have made over the last few years. I have a lot of clothes now—I know that. Way more than I had when I was shopping for my clothes. I was able to do the entire month without repeats—aside from some weekend loungewear, anyway—and it wasn’t even that much of a stretch.

I did manage to wear a few things I haven’t worn out before. This mostly served to remind me of why I hadn’t worn them. I had also been feeling a little bit out of love with my fit ‘n flare dresses, and this month somewhat rekindled that. I love wearing them. I feel cute and girly.

So what did I learn, other than that I have way too many clothes?

The only store bought stuff in regular rotation now are my socks and bras. I will tackle bra-making more seriously at some point, when I have a bit more money and attention to throw at it. Part of the problem is that I like firm, foam-cupped bras—most of which I’ve acquired dirt cheap at the thrift store. The bras I’ve tried making have all been soft-cup—widely considered the best fitting, but not something I’ve voluntarily worn since I stopped breastfeeding. Which, my youngest kid is in high school. It’s been a bit. I might take another stab at bralettes, though. I’m starting to feel an urge for something soft to wear for lounging around the house when I don’t want a tight band and underwires. We’ll blame that on my late thirties, but that doesn’t change the fact.

Probably the only area I could use a few more clothes in is casual loungewear. I have two pairs of Jalie yoga pants, neither of which should go out in polite company. A handful of Tropo and other camisoles which are mostly fairly new additions. I don’t have any shorts, and the capris I’ve made in the past no longer fit.

Really, though, I don’t need clothes. What I should be focusing on is slower and less selfish sewing. Stuff for the house, and the people in it—and there are several projects for family and dear friends that have been on the back burner for literally years.

So–slowing down, taking care, picking my projects.

there were a few things I pulled out I’d been afraid to try, thinking they were too small. Mostly, thankfully, I found they still worked, though it was a bit traumatic to retire the last of my first generation of me-made jeans. (Except the very very first pair, because although they’re in tatters the SUPER stretchy denim still fits)

Now that the month is done, it feels weird not to take my daily selfie. There’s a little caption in my head that I have nowhere to write. I don’t think I really want to start a separate Instagram or anything to document my outfits—it’s pretty boring to anyone who isn’t me—but I can see the urge.

So thank you, Fabricland, for the fabric and the patterns and another venue to show off my creations—but most importantly, thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve worked with there, staff and also customers. It has been my first real-life group of sewists, and I’m so happy to have met each and every one of you.



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16 responses to “May was me-made

  1. ellegeemakes

    What a treat to see all of your beautiful me-makes! I love the idea of slow sewing, bit haven’t been able to get myself to do it there are so many things I want to sew, and so little time:)

    • Yeah, I’m not so good at it either. 😂 a lot of the last five years has been careening from one work project to the next. We’ll see what happens. 😜

  2. Linda Nelson

    Gorgeous wardrobe! Would love to know what patterns you used.

    • There are really too many to list, but most are Big 4 Patterns as that was most easily available at the store. Most of these pieces are somewhere on this blog already (except for some of the boring loungewear type things.) If there’s one you’re particularly interested in I can hunt it down.

  3. Jeff Laskowski

    Keep it up! I enjoy your creations and your blog.

  4. Tenshi

    I don’t think you need to or should make anything other than what makes you happy. And if you need a separate room or even two for all your selfmade clothes, seriously, so what? It’s a hobby. It doesn’t need any kind of justification other than “it makes me happy”. That goes for any kind of hobby, whether it’s video games, tons of fabric and sewing paraphernalia, model railways or whatnot. It’s a hobby. It doesn’t need to be useful.

  5. Dawn

    Hey, that was incredible! I am always so envious of your super finishing and details! Your clothes are definitely more interesting (interesting in the good way, since my vocabulary is lacking) than anything in the stores here as well! I’m sorry that I didn’t stop into Fabricland all month, I’m still in denial…and superbusy with my kids! Your post is making me face the impending store closure…everything will be okay…breathe….(That’s for me)

    • Working at Fabricland definitely made for a good reason to make interesting clothes! Otherwise I might still live in jeans and tee shirts. 😉 I totally understand life being crazy—-June is sure nuts around here! I do hope to see you soon though!

  6. Marion

    I admire your creations. You have developed a lot of skill while keeping that” I will just close my eyes and go for it” exciting fun part of sewing alive. You also get an incredible amount of sewing done between work and raising what comes across as nice , interesting , unique & creative daughters plus husband and a bevy of cats. I completed my MMMay but as I wear a uniform to work , a stream of after work photos in leggings and tees complete with underwear didn’t seem all that interesting let alone inspiring. My goal was more about better organizing my sewing time and setting more realistic goals. It worked well for the month and I am looking foreword to see where it goes from here. Sorry to hear about your Fabricland, I have a love hate relationship with our Fabricville but would truly miss it if it closed. Happy sewing!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Organizing sewing time and goals efficiently is a great goal—I’m glad your Me Made May worked for you! (And i feel you on the love/hate with Fabricland/ville)

  7. gilliancrafts

    I’m sad that your Fabricland era is ending! I hope you still throw yourself some random curveballs in your sewing, because I think you might be stunningly bored if you try to just slow-sew for other people all the time! I mean, I would! 😉

    • Don’t worry, I strongly doubt practical and unselfish sewing will dominate for long! I am looking forward to having a bit more free time after the store is closed, but I’m going to miss everyone I work with so much!

  8. I really enjoyed following along your month on Instragram. You have a great sense of style and your body seems to show off all your best assets. I love your sense of humour and how you always poke fun at yourself. You really do a great job of all the sewing details!

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