A farewell project

One of my final projects, taken out right before the news about our store closing dropped, was Butterick B6556, a newish pattern from Gertie. It’s a cute retro style and I loved the square neckline. And it was PERFECT for this linen-rayon blend border print.

I often struggle with gathered skirts on me, but pleats can be an ok substitute when you still want a straight edge to use with a border print.

It was fun to tackle a VERY limited amount of pattern matching—just at the center back of the bodice. I used the print upside down in the bodice so the flowers would trail down from the neckline; a bit more flower might’ve been nice though.

I ended up with a serviceable lapped zipper in the end, but it was a struggle. I should’ve interfaced the area to stabilize it—with the fabric cut on the cross-grain, it stretched out like crazy! And then there wasn’t enough fabric for the overlap I wanted, so I added a little facing piece to the upper edge. And THEN when I was topstitching somehow things got misaligned and the whole bottom half got stitched closed. Grr. Not aided by being in a hurry, of course. Hand-picking it might’ve been faster.

And yes, it has pockets!

Other than the zipper, there was not much drama. I made my “usual” size 10 bust and shoulders grading to size 12 at the waist. I did wind up fiddling with the dart tips a wee bit but that’s easy enough (and I think again had a lot to do with the vertical stretch from being cut on the cross-grain). My only fit change was a small swayback adjustment on the bodice only. I love the length as drafted (especially since it fit perfectly on my double-border-print fabric, so zero-waste skirt!)

The pleated skirt is too narrow to go over my crazy crinoline! I’m wearing it here with my “everyday petticoat”which is fine but not crazy exciting. Maybe I should have a “mid crazy” petticoat. Actually, I do but it’s black and a little bit longer, so not right for this dress. And I’m not inclined to find space to store another one!

All in all pretty excited by this dress. Perfect work dress for summer! Even while I’m very, very sad that my Fabricland projects will be coming to an end.


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9 responses to “A farewell project

  1. What a gorgeous border pattern – and I think you’ve made the most of it with this sweet dress!

  2. ellegeemakes

    That is a gorgeous use of border print! So sad when a Fabric store closes.

  3. So sad to hear yet another independent fabric store closing. Whatever will we sewist do? This dress is adorable and the border print is perfect. And what???? Pockets too???? You rock!

  4. Tanya

    Beautiful dress, I absolutely 😍😍😍 it!!
    Did you purchase the fabric from the same store that was closing?

  5. Vancouver Barbara

    Very pretty. A lovely summer dress and great detail on the back bodice. Clever. Sorry to hear the store is closing.

  6. Beautiful dress, and the absolutely perfect fabric for the pattern.

    Damn. Now even Fabriclands are closing. Damn. I hope there is another one still open in S town.

  7. e

    Wonderful use of a fabulous print!

  8. Such a flattering silhouette and you chose the best fabric!

  9. What a great use of the border print. The dress is lovely on you, very fresh, summery and feminine.

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