Good morning, 2018

I don’t know what you’ll hold except more of the same, which is mostly a good thing. I’d like to make resolutions—get more exercise, eat better, but the fact is I’ll probably just muddle along trying to keep my head above water. If I can keep the fabric stash from growing too much that’d be good. Not out of guilt, but out of the practicality of my sewing space. Also I need to figure out how to fit some more tabletop space down there.

The thing that’s pissing me off the most is a mound of old jeans that need mending/modifying/scrapping. I’d like to make it go away.

Right now I only want to make cozy comfy things. That’s ok and I really do have a fair bit of suitable fabric.

I’m on holiday right now so I wish I were sewing, but my brother and his wife are here from Australia, which hasn’t happened in four years. So we cleaned up the basement suite, including putting a bed in the middle of my sewing room, and handed it over to them. I was threatening to put my machines in the dining room but I didn’t actually do it. So instead of sewing, I’m visiting with them or playing video games with my husband. It’s not a bad way to spend a holiday.



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12 responses to “Good morning, 2018

  1. Cute cats! It makes me wonder if having that bra-clad dressform looming over my head at night would help my sleep or make my dreams reallyreally strange…

  2. Happy New Year. I am with you on making resolutions… just doesn’t work for my ADD. I do enjoy the pic of your guest/sewing room. Your stash makes me smile….looks very much like mine. My husband says I won’t live long enough to sew it all. Fortunately for me, longevity runs in my family. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I confess I didnโ€™t really realize how huge it had gotten until we moved last summer. ๐Ÿ˜‚ however, working at a fabric store definitely has sped up its expansion, and thatโ€™s not something Iโ€™m expecting to do forever so I will worry about whittling it down later!

  3. I did set some goals this year (for the first time) so we’ll see how that goes. I joined the 2018 RTW Fast so that’s helped me already get busy with figuring out what I need because I can’t buy it ๐Ÿ™‚ I was reading a great email about instead of setting goals maybe just have one WORD for 2018. I did that in 2013 (MAGIC) and it turned into the most magical year ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. gilliancrafts

    YOUR TREE!!!! I love it. And also, your wall of fabric stash, I love that too! Hope you get your sewing room back soon!

  5. Marion

    Happy New Year! I can see why you are thinking cozy with the cold you have have been experiencing. I am with you on the “just try to muddle through” plan. I don’t really have a stash( except off cuts that are to nice to discard) but I do have an enormous pile( closet) of projects to get to. I had surgery on my right knee in 2015 ( I know that was 2.5 years ago) and between the lead up to and the recovery from said surgery I was deep in planning. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my pointy finger, so with card in other hand I shopped, at a rate much faster than production. 2017 had me trying to catch up, 2018 going at it still and I will see about 2019. In my defence I did have sewing machine issues from August of 2016 to March of 2017 ( note to self don’t buy a machine you don’t want/ doesn’t suit, just because it the one on sale when your trust long time companion kinks out beyond repair) ( second note listen to your long time companion when she starts making concerning noises, don’t try to finish that seam) To be fair I did get a fair bit of knitting done so have very little yarn to contend with. My word for the year is ” balance”. In that I plan to do it all but but not concern myself i with preconceived results. Will see how that works out! Really enjoy your posts!

  6. Happy New Year to you and well done tidying up the stash to fit in a bed! I can’t open the door in my sewing room currently as stuffed everything in to make space for my folks to spend the night. Now we’re back from holiday and I want to get sewing again but am somewhat scared to open the cupboard doors lol.

    • I know that feeling! ๐Ÿ˜‚ sometimes itโ€™s nice to just spend some time organizing things, not with the aim of getting to the sewing at all. But Iโ€™d rather sew!

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