Cavity alert

If my first version of the Fancy Tiger sailor top was sweet, this one is absolutely cloying. Brush your teeth after reading this. 

Tyo is wondering why I’m making mom clothes. πŸ˜‚

I am teaching a class on this pattern in August. I have to know how to make it. Also it’s cute. It is cute, right?

This version is the promo sample—it’s now hanging in Periwinkle Quilting so that people will hopefully be inspired to sign up for the class. πŸ˜‰ The fabric is from there as well, and is a luscious double gauze. It’s very exciting to work with a fabric I’ve read about for so long. 

And, I got the recommended amount (2.2m) but was able to squeeze the top out of less so I actually have 90cm left over! Maybe the fabric’s a bit wider than I thought. So, I should be looking at woven cami patterns or something. 
The pattern has pretty good instructions (and I found the missing match point on my sleeve pattern so I didn’t have to unpick gathering this time!) but doesn’t call for any interfacing of the neck band. This may be fine for quilt cottons, but I’ve added some in both my versions and I’m happy about it. For this version it was just a layer of cotton lawn. The pattern also doesn’t call for understitching, which I did on both the neck band and the sleeves’ faced hems. 

I maintain that it is still somewhat sassy, despite the utter sweetness of the pattern, not at all helped by my choice of fabric or the pompom trim lace. (It was dying for the lace, c’mon!)

I may be wrong. I am in the latter half of my thirties, after all. 

Ah well. Sometimes it’s fun to make something outside my usual style. 

This is made up exactly as per the pattern, except I added about 1″ to the width of the back, which helps. I could’ve made it a bit longer. Oh, and the jeans in these photos are what’s left of my very first pair of me-made jeans, from 2010. 😳

So, maybe not my “style” exactly, but adorable and enjoyable to make. Plus, a good fit with minimal alterations. I think it will serve its purpose admirably. 



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7 responses to “Cavity alert

  1. Maybe not your style but, it looks adorable on you!

  2. It’s an odd choice in that it has no waist definition. It’s not a smock, although it could easily turn into one. It’s nicer in this softer fabric. And now I need a cookie or something. I was promised sugar…..

  3. It is rather cute – but you can pull off almost anything!
    I’m sure I remember you making those jeans!

  4. It is cute. And you have made it your own with those jeans and shoes.

    I just order some double gauze, but have not made it up into anything yet. Everyone says how soft and cool it is to wear, but I am worried it will be too warm for our climate…double layer must mean insulating, right?

    Anyway, that looks like a most versatile pattern. Have fun teaching your class…I’m sure your students will get lots of inspiration from working with you.

  5. Fight the good fight against “mom clothes,” sisterwarrior! LOL

    It is really sweet, but you style it well.

  6. Heather (Thing I Make, Plus Rocks)

    It is super sweet (especially with that trim), but you pull it off well. Rock n’ Roll sweet. Or something. πŸ˜€ I’d like to see it in black lace, honestly. I hope your class is a success!

  7. I don’t know you, but at first intro this top looks really excellent on you. Having a generous bust is an issue in these types of tops (me) – they look Mumsy, but on you it just looks very cool. Thanks for the insights, I had something like this (or this) on my list!

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