The Cave Art Quilt

There isn’t much of a reveal here, since it was pretty much all together last post, but the quilt for my dad is finished. 

I quilted in the ditch along all the major lines and then went to town with some VERY rough and ready free motion spirals and things. 

I may not be very good at it, but I really do enjoy free motion quilting. 
I outlined the figures in the central panel, again rather roughly. Wait, we were calling it “rustic”. 😉

Some of the quilting is light and some dark. Wise decision? Not necessarily. Anyway, I basically spent Saturday quilting.

Saturday afternoon, I attached the first pass of the binding, in time to go out for pre-Valentine’s day dinner and a movie with the husband and children. Yay me!

That left me with three whole days to leisurely hand-stitch the binding second pass. 

It didn’t take the whole three days, but I did take my time. And snipping threads. So many threads!

The last corner, where the join was, isn’t as tidy as the other three. In hindsight I could’ve put the join along a side where it might be less visible and had all the corners match. That’s probably a tip in a quilting book somewhere. 

I am so insanely pleased with how it turned out, warts and dodgy quilting and all. It’s finished size is about 1.5 x 2m, not a full bed size but a respectable throw. 


Now it just has to hang at work for three whole months (darn craft projects)—but I will have it back in time for a Father’s Day gift, if I want to go that route. I am debating what to do with my scraps. I could probably squeeze out a pillow-case or two if he does end up using it for his bed, but I was really hoping more for it to be a couch throw. (Y’know, downstairs where I can see it. 😉 ) I could make matching cushion covers for the couch. Or a tote bag for my mom. I really should make something for her… 😂 I’m a bad, bad daughter. 

Who made a frickin quilt! 



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14 responses to “The Cave Art Quilt

  1. Great project! I love the quilt-outlined figures! The fabric choices and placement of panels – great! And the subject matter is perfect!

  2. Love this! Really love your fabric choices. My husband would love this. He has a hard time living with my colourful craft but would gladly have this on the sofa.
    I hope it ends up where you can see and appreciate it.

  3. Lynsey

    Your quilt looks awesome!! Great job, the quilting looks fab

  4. Connie Turner

    I like this a lot, a quilt that doesn’t look granny like or cutesy.

  5. Denise

    That’s awesome! I love everything about it 🙂

  6. This is TERRIFIC!!!!!! What a marvelous gift – very personal and handmade.

  7. I love the fabric. Beautiful. I didn’t notice the corners, you’re probably looking because you know it’s there. To me it’s just FAB!

  8. This is gorgeous, a real work of art! and I love how it’s masculine and handsome and not-cutesy at all. I say yes, to the matching pillow cases too! 🙂 xx

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