A Christmas Mess

Apparently I don’t get more done when I have more time. My husband picked up Final Fantasy XIV again right around when the store got closed and I was sucked right back in. After three years of working 55-60 hours a week I deserved some downtime, right? And it’s relationship-feeding. Or something. Anyway, my list of things I should’ve done but haven’t is as long as ever. 

Fabricland reopened the week before the week before Christmas, which was terribly exciting and lovely to see everyone and totally ate into what was supposed to be my last-minute-accomplishing-stuff time.

The socks above, made when I should’ve been sewing things for presents, are another pair of Dreamstress Rosalie stockings. I find them a fun, quick, although not overly practical, project. I usually omit the set of darts on the top of the foot (it doesn’t really make sense to have them there as far as I can tell) and add a band at the top—that helps keep them up.  They would be more practical except that I find the toes wear through quite quickly in the lightweight super-stretchy knits I’m most inclined to use. I wonder how bad it would look to add a double layer there. The white pair up above is made in French terry and hopefully will be a bit sturdier. I need to make a garter belt—I have findings ordered from Farthingales but haven’t actually put them together yet. 

Teenager drama continues apace. My kids are lovely, fun, and goofy, with their own unique constellations of interest that fascinate me, and it was great to just BE there a bit more while the store was closed. This still didn’t prevent the single worst parenting moment we’ve run into in sixteen and a half years, mind you. 

My kids are moody, angsty, and if they fail to generate their own personal drama they have plenty of friends with an abundant supply. We’re upset as parents that one never had friends over, and the other never seems to want to be home. (Which one is which varies somewhat.) Things  aren’t quite ok but I don’t think anyone’s going to die.

Well, let’s modify that. 

In early December, my grandmother died. The one who gave me the Rocketeer. I almost want to write that the old woman who used to be my grandmother died. She hasn’t known who any of us were in a few years. Her body was failing, and her mind lived in a fractured and sometimes frightening version of the past. I’m told it was peaceful, when she went. The funeral won’t take place for a while, maybe until spring. It’s hard to bury people up here in winter. Better to cremate and wait. Her grave had been ready for a long time, anyway, the other half of my grandfather’s gravestone engraved with everything but her death date, waiting patiently since 1986. I’m not sure if I’ve grieved already, or if I’m waiting for the memorial service. She was a strong woman, maybe a little hard for her own good, but she always had my back, unwavering and unconditional support. There’s a lot to be said for that.

I have, and will continue to, miss her. I really hope that some of those promising Alzheimer’s treatments I’ve been reading about pan out. I don’t want to be gone years before I actually die. I don’t want to lose my parents years before they actually die. 

My husband’s grandmother also isn’t well. After years of battling cancer, a few days in the hospital to help her manage her pain better somehow turned into palliative care. We spent most of my MIL’s Christmas Eve  dinner in a room at the hospital. Which is actually great for opening presents, but hard and terrible in every other way. It’s been ten years exactly since we last spent an Xmas in the hospital—that one was a doozie, too. 

So I guess it’s not true, when I said no one’s going to die. 

 Sorry, that sounds flippant. My reaction to death is bad humour. I want to start compiling a list of morbid jokes for when I die. If (when) I get terminally ill, I don’t want it to be this scary elephant in the corner that no one will talk about. I want it out in the open where we can make fun of it. 

Tyo and I made a Jalie 3244 onesie (no feet) for her cousin on Christmas Eve in under two hours. No photos as we were way under the gun. And I made some skinny little Eléonores for my other niece, the waif, who is still a toothpick. The gifts have been given but no word on whether they fit, yet. 

And I’m working on another Norse hood for my step-sister, so that she and her husband won’t have to share the one I made last year. I enjoy the handwork, aside from the part where my brain yammers at me about how crude my workmanship is and what self-respecting Viking would sew with yarn?!? Stupid researcher brain. 😉

They are happy, anyway, though my square gussets were a little smaller this time around resulting in smaller shoulders that seem to fit her better than her husband. Good to know. 

I’ve also made (though they aren’t completely finished) corsets for both my daughters. They both had expressed a desire for proper over bust ones, and Tyo had even picked out a fabric back around her birthday. 

They aren’t totally finished as I didn’t want everything closed up before I could fit them, but they are put together and mostly boned. And I ran out of time, as everything is a mess this year, including my time management. Trying to be kind to myself about that. We could all use a bit more kindness right now.

I hope that your holidays, whatever they entail, have been peaceful, and less stressful than mine. I’m looking forward to the next few days, hoping things will be a bit more relaxed and calm. 

Edit: more relaxed, yes. My body took the opportunity to get sick. Blerg! But I am almost done this shop project coat, at long last…



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5 responses to “A Christmas Mess

  1. Molly Nichol

    i think that after working 55-60 hours a week, having teenagers, having a death in the family and having ailing people in the family qualifies you for some down time, to be spent doing nothing actually productive – i.e. video gaming. besides, if you look at the list of things you finished or mostly finished you’ve done a lot! good for you! be easy with yourself!

  2. LinB

    I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, you mourned the loss of the real person inside that woman’s body long ago, but it still hurts at the very end of everything. Glad you have plenty of fabrics and yarns to soothe your fingertips, at any rate. Happy new year to you and your dear family!

  3. gilliancrafts

    Oh man. What a season! I hope your girls are ok – thinking back to my own teenage years, it seems like drama needs to happen as some sort of cultural imperative… like if a teen can’t be angsty, they can’t hold their head high with their friends! Hope it wasn’t too bad. (Kinda think it might have been, from they way you phrased it?)
    I went to see my 98 year old Granny this Christmas… and the obvious elephant in the room was no one thinks there will be another Christmas with her. She’s losing steam for the first time, and it’s hard to argue “There is so much to live for!” at this point. Love her lots though. Big hugs to you for your grandmother’s passing, and your husband’s grandmother’s struggles!
    Now go play lots of video games and get well soon!

  4. Why are you writing about my sons?
    I remember being a teen and spending all my time elsewhere. I remember being an evil teen and spending all my time elsewhere while my mother was dying. So I have that part down cold. As it were.

    So far none of my children are dead or suicidal right now, that includes my older (57) honorary son who just visited. And everyone is in reasonable health for the moment. And one of the sons is in LOOOOOOVE and is, when he is home, happier than possible. He’s a better kid at their house than here: just like his mom.
    The other one is spending a little more time at home than he thought he would (outgrowing some folks that were best buds).

    When in doubt, sew more tights. Stay warm. Love those buttonholes. And you.

  5. Sara

    I used some of that black on black corset fabric to make myself a Pauline Alice Xeria dress for a work Christmas party in early December. We might have been sewing with the same fabric at the same time. I previously made a shift dress out of the brown and black color way of the same fabric. I really liked the fabric, it feels like it will last for 15 years or more.

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