Star Wars: The Full Feature

dsc08612A day after I finished my wearable muslin of Butterick 5748, I had the Star Wars dress ready to go. Most of the pain was in the cutting out, anyway, although I wasn’t too fussy. Mostly I just made sure the midline seams aligned along breaks in the big square tiles of the print.

2016-10-30-19-18-27Probably not much to say here—I went over the dress deets in the post on my first version.

dsc08605This version is fully lined, whereas the Kanji dress I onlylined the bodice. Not much difference to the final dress, although it does make the skirt a little more substantial.


Ernie K Designs was wondering how I was going to fit the circle skirt to the square print. The answer is, with very little creativity. As with the first dress, I added a seam at CF right between two of the little panel-shapes. The CF is vertical, so the side-seam has the print going horizontal. On the up-side, I didn’t really need to worry about what was on the other side of the vertical panels, as long as the joins were in the right spot. Otherwise there would’ve been no hope of fitting this dress on the amount of fabric I had.

I added big wide sash ties, since I liked the look of the other dress better with some waist interest.

dsc08606I lowered the neckline in a smooth scoop. And then apparently took all my pictures from the side so you can hardly see. WTF.

dsc08620I love adding piping but I’m not the best at making it mesh with the clean-finish methods I was using… maybe need to do some further research, there.

dsc08621The zipper went in so nicely, though. Quilting cotton is a beautiful thing sometimes. And the lining fabric, which is this super-soft cotton shirting that seems to have the world’s tiniest twill weave ever. Love it.


The pockets are in a better position on this dress. I am always tempted to skip the pockets when I’m sewing, but I am so much happier with the finished dress when it has pockets.

So, another fluffy dress in a novelty print. Not exactly creative, but it makes me smile, which is the important part. My camera, on the other hand, is not making me happy at all—I think the iPhone is taking better pictures, at least in low-ish-light conditions indoors. POOP! But anyway, fluff. Speeder. Millennium Falcon. Win. ๐Ÿ™‚



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17 responses to “Star Wars: The Full Feature

  1. This dress is all kinds of perfect! I bet you get TONS of compliments on it when you’re out and about.

  2. Such fun! And perfect shoes to match.

  3. Even though I’m more of a Trekkie than a StarWar-ian, I still really love this dress. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so glad you went with the blue piping, it’s just perfect! Also, I love how it’s like this kind of “masculine” print that you used in a super girly dress.

  4. You are such a STAR! Love both dresses!

  5. Emma

    Wow! I think it looks great. The blue dash goes so well and the piping finishes it off so nicely. I just did my first dress with piping and yours looks good to me. I think you look gorgeous in that dress and also comfortable which is super important!

  6. There is no right, or wrong. There is only ‘do’. Okay, so maybe my Yoda skills stink. But this is faboo. And the black petticoat just seals the deal.

  7. That’s fabulous! I think I need more nerdy-print dresses…

  8. Love the dress with the petticoat!

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