I want to blog but I really should clean…

We’re in the midst of prep for the local comic con right now (which is in a couple of weeks). 

Tyo is going as Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury

Zera is the dark-haired girl on the right.

Syo is being Zera from Fairy Tail Zero. If you know what either of those are, good for you. Right now Tyo just needs some fingerless bike gloves and a red hat with a metal plate; Syo is getting another dress/top, and it’s in pieces in a corner of the kitchen. Where it’s been all week because I had to go out of town for work for a couple days. And my boss totally brought her sewing machine, and I was super jealous, but on the other hand I had two evenings of glorious time to myself reading, so I can’t be too sad. (Please note, this is my boss at my non-fabric-related job. :D)

Hotel room

And the kids have gone back to school, but only just barely and now it’s the long weekend already. And the house is a mess which is squicking my husband out so if I’m a good supportive spouse I will help do something about that. Especially since at least some of the mess is sewing related (see the part about the dress in the corner of the kitchen.) And the sewing room is so deeply buried it’s almost unusable, which is the point where even I get a little squirrelly.  

Which didn’t stop me from bringing home a September project, because I’m an idiot.  I’m thinking view C but with a hood. The coating isn’t very thick but I have some plain heavy flannel in stash I’ll use for interlining to make it a bit more warm, so maybe I’ll be able to wear it a bit when I get it back from the store in October. Fall slips quickly into winter here, though. 

At least I won’t be bored?



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12 responses to “I want to blog but I really should clean…

  1. I’m hearing you. I don’t have a husband to appease but my 12yo is asking politely if I could just please tidy up the sewing from all over the house! Working full time sucks…but no-one went the their grave thinking I wish the house was tidy!

  2. I understand the cleaning situation. I wanted to start a Cascade duffle coat in plaid, and plaid matching requires cleaning the house (because the fabric takes all the floor space we have in our small apartment). Plaid matching is a task I couldn’t conquer alone so my partner’s help was to not complain while we spent the day cleaning. It was three weeks ago. The coat is done now but the house needs to be cleaned again. Time to pull another plaid from my stash…?

    • Good for you! I also have to do some cleaning pre-sewing (to cut stuff out I need the kitchen floor clean) but at this point it’s a bit beyond that! The coat sounds lovely. 😁

  3. Emma

    Cleaning sure is a pain isn’t it. My partner has been away for a week and secretly I have enjoyed it a bit as I haven’t felt as obliged to tidy up as much. I know Fairy Tail. But my kiddies are only little so I have to admit that I am the fan 😀
    I’m new to your blog and love seeing the vintage (Or should I say antique? Just don’t want to use the word costume) inspired clothing you have made.
    It’s so nice to see a sewing blog with a different aspect. I’d love to try all sorts of old techniques once I get a bit better, I have only been sewing for a couple of years.

    • Oh, isn’t that lovely? And really when you’re home alone there’s hardly any cleaning needed anyway! (Well, unless the small children you mentioned are still there. Kids seem to be lovable whirlwinds of chaos at the best of times. 🙂 )

      Welcome to the blog and thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I”m trying a new thing of tidying up my sewing space before each sewing session this weekend instead of waiting til the end of the project–I have a 4 day weekend this weekend–so that it doesn’t reach blizzard-or-avalanche-like conditions in my sewing space. Halfway through, so far so good!

    Looking forward to seeing that plaid jacket!!

  5. Housekeeping is the endless argument here. Only I possess the opposable thumbs to pick stuff up. Truly my super power.
    This might explain why I cosplay as a Dalek.

    Feeling the con love your way…

  6. Value Village is an exhibitor at your Con? DAMN.

  7. Oh, I just opted to go with NOT cleaning. Which is a craziness by my estimation. But I won’t get this time back on the flip side, and I need a freakin’ break. I think you made the right call at that hotel, btw 🙂

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