Spring Demands Lace

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt.

I’ll subtitle this post, Sew Canadian.

It’s long past being interesting complaining about how busy I am. But, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate (like, oh, Avengers grad dress, long-delayed onesie for Syo, and about a half dozen other things I ought to be doing), two more projects threw themselves at me begging to be made. (And yes, I realize talking about them before they’re made is probably a Very Bad Idea.) Tasia’s Gabriola Skirt absolutely struck me dead the second I saw the line-drawing. Full, swishy maxi skirt with contrast bits? UM YES. The only thing that surprises me is that I haven’t made it yet. The part where I’m making myself trace it off is slowing me down. And the bit where it takes 3.5m fabric or more, and I didn’t have enough of anything both swishy and summery, so I had to actually get new fabric. You can imagine the quaking dread that fills my home when I say such things; the children groan and my husband hides his head under a cushion. But Gabriola WILL HAPPEN. I swear it.

Nettie body-suit, by Closet Case Files

I tried a little harder to resist  Nettie. I mean, I haven’t worn leotards since high school. And I don’t tuck stuff in, like, ever. But. But. But.

Somehow the vision of a lacey Nettie to go with my Gabriola just took hold. Or maybe it was the real Nettie’s five million awesome versions. I couldn’t tell you, except there I was, printing and gluing happily a couple of days ago.

And here we are: big dreams, a new serger (which I’ll manage to talk about at some point) and not a lot of time. But May Long’s coming up—I have three whole days off and I plan to use them to the fullest. If I can just get through this week…

Avengers Grad Dress (almost done!!!!)

And finish the Avengers dress.



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17 responses to “Spring Demands Lace

  1. Wow! That Avengers dress. Amazing!
    I am so prolific in my fantasy sewing…not so much in the real world.

  2. Oh my goodness, that Avengers grad dress is awesome! What’s left to do? That dress is just too much fun!

  3. That is dress is amazing, I agree! Can’t wait to see your lacy Gabriola as well — what a beautiful idea.

  4. Good to see you post a little something…I always enjoy your editorials. Funny you might mention fabric purchases…I seem to buy more fabric then I buy groceries since all my kids have grown and moved out. Lol my poor husband is on a much needed diet as a result. That avengers dress was raved over by my granddaughter when I showed it to her on your instagram.

    • I stopped buying storebought clothes to pay for my fabric habit… But I spend much more on fabric than I ever did on clothes! /sigh, I need to pick patterns based on what’s in stash. 😦

  5. Oh, that turned out soooo nicely! The slender ‘eyebrows’ look very sweet and the piping! Whadda mom!

  6. Sandra

    Oh boy , the Avengers dress is so cool! Although when you say Avengers I do tend to think of the 1960’s British TV series where the female lead wore black leather catsuits, which may not be entirely appropriate for teenage daughters attire! I hope my girls opt for some gutsy formalwear when they get to the same age!

  7. Like you, I am busier than I used to be. What is this long weekend of which you speak? Said she who works all weekends and six days a week.

    I was able to resist the Gabriola, however the Belcarra got my attention immediately, and it arrived yesterday. Hopefully to be sewn soon. Very soon.

  8. So far the Avengers dress is effing awesome. You have the luckiest daughters ever–and they’d better know it! 😉 I’m on the fence about the bodysuit, but peer pressure is starting to get to me….

  9. The dress is looking really nice!
    And about Nettie, I think I kind of know what you’re talking about. I’ve never worn leotards (except in gymnastics training. Which I did when I was about eight years old) nor body stockings but all the attention this pattern is getting on blogs sort of makes me want one…

  10. trumbelinasews

    The Avengers dress is incredible. Have fun sewing the rest and have a great long weekend! You deserve a break.

  11. That Avengers dress is a thing of pure beauty. I would have gladly given up body parts at her age to have had such a dress. Love it to pieces!

  12. WOW! Love that Avengers grad dress! I’d better not let DD1 see this post, or she’ll be crying for one….

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