Sewing and thought (or the lack thereof)


As I procrastinate on Pikachu, I’ve finished up a pair of undies that has sat, in a sad, forgotten wad behind the sewing machine, for several months now. I had decided I wanted to finish them in stretch lace. I like this finish on quite a few of my RTW pairs; although it isn’t the sturdiest, it’s comfy, pretty, and mimizes panty-lines. But first I couldn’t find the lace I had purchased, then found it but used it on another project, and eventually got more but hadn’t ever pulled it all together. I think these are a modified pair of McCall’s 4471, with the arch-over-the-front-leg reduced. I think. They’re largely identical to my 70s-pattern pairs, at this point, aside from the finish.

As for thought? Well, depending on the finish you choose for something like underwear, you may or may not need a hem allowance on the edge (on McCall’s I think this is 5/8″ as usual, but don’t quote me on that because I didn’t actually check.) On some of my other patterns, it’s 1/4″ or 3/8″. If you stitch an elastic to the edge and turn it under, you’ll need a hem allowance. If you cover the edge with a fold-over elastic, you don’t need any hem allowance at all. And if you add a wide band, like, oh, stretch lace… you may just want to reduce your pattern pieces a bit. In this case, I remembered to lower the rise (especially in the front), but didn’t think to do anything about the legs or, more particularly, the width through the crotch.

When worn they’re a bit more like boy-shorts than panties, in fact.

Which is fine, but definitely something I will try to think about when I next make a pair. And if I write it down here, maybe my chances of remembering to think will be just a little bit better.

Oh, and can I just say, until I was sewing my own, I don’t think I ever in my LIFE thought about how wide the crotch in my underwear was?

Also, grippy fabric (for soles) and zippers for the Pikachu Onesie have now been purchased, and if Tyo has her way I’ll be finishing it tomorrow. OK, if Tyo had her way, it would’ve been finished a week ago, but, well, have I mentioned before that she’s quite persistent when she wants something? It will be done soon, anyway.



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7 responses to “Sewing and thought (or the lack thereof)

  1. I always wonder about making undies for myself, I sew so many pretty ones made by other people (you) and think maybe I should give it a shot! Regarding your looking for the lace and then remembering you may of used it on another project, sometimes I think I should make a log book and keep track of things in my sewing room! ha ha.

    • I have been tempted to catalogue fabric and things on my phone… I do it with patterns, and I love that. My biggest problem is usually less knowing what I have than knowing where it is, though…

  2. I’ve decided I will not make undies till I can perfect a handmade bra that fits. (So my guess is it’s gonna be a while!) But your comment about the width of the crotch gusset is fascinating. You know you’ve gone to the dark side when that is an element of fit πŸ™‚

    • Aww! Knowing your standards, I fear that will be a long wait. So many variables… I’m still tempted to try bras, but I don’t think my demands on them are quite as fierce as yours. πŸ˜‰

      Definitely the dark side…

  3. I was just admiring a pair of homemade undies I made yonks ago. They’re so comfy, and I think I might have to try to make more. BRING ON THE OLD T-SHIRTS!! πŸ˜€ Although I think I need to make a pair with stretchy lace, because yours looks so pretty! Good to hear that you’re starting to narrow in on a good fit – I know you’ve had a weird history with getting me-made panties to fit to your liking.

    • It took me quite a bit to get to a wearable pair, didn’t it? I kept trying to half-ass it and that doesn’t really work. The problem was really too many variables—fabric, finishing, and pattern—so when I did make progress in one area, it was kinda negated by problems in another area. I feel like things got a lot better once I switched to 70s bikini-style patterns that fit more like how I like my underwear to fit. And figured out that the elastic really doesn’t need to be pulled very tight. πŸ˜‰ And, well, quit trying to half-ass it. That’s always a problem. πŸ˜‰

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