The Body

My mother has struck again. It’s that murky stretch between my birthday and Christmas, so a present can be justified, right? Actually, it’s Stylish’s birthday today. She can’t have this one, although I might share…

The Body

The Body. With mop.

Anyway. My mom found it at a flea market. My mom informs me that it should be called “Judy,” but they have been calling it “The body.” I kinda like that.

It has the usual adjustments—bust, waist, hip, waist length. With a fair bit of twiddling, I was able to get them all where they should, perhaps, be. Note how the gap between the pieces goes from narrow at the top to wide at the waist to narrow again at the bottom. I still don’t think the details of the shape are terribly close.

The bust.

The bust.

Especially the bust. That odd, pointy bust is, well, not anything like mine. Adding a bra helps.

With bra.

With bra. No way on earth my hips do that flare.

The biggest thing that will bother me, I think, is that it doesn’t have a swayback.  So my swayback adjustments will always look a bit odd.



On the other hand, my clothes mostly (aside from the swayback) seem to fit her. I tried on the Star Wars dress, arguably the most precisely-fitted thing I own, and it worked quite well, although the photo turned out a bit blurry as the light in the multi-purpose room isn’t great.

It fits!

It fits!

In other news, it’s Remembrance Day. Between this present and Stylish’s birthday, I don’t really feel like I’ve been properly observant; I didn’t even manage to get a poppy this year, which kills me. Anyway, in lieu of actually doing anything substantial, I’ll point you back to this post (scroll down to get to the Remembrance Day part), and just say: Lest We Forget.

And, thank you, Mom.



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9 responses to “The Body

  1. Great! Wonderful present.
    Well… you know these are standards. I have done exactly what you have done – put a bra on. It was much better. But my sway back and round back – hmmm, I will never be able to adjust it to my figure. It is just to get an idea 🙂

  2. Those hips are really something. Cool gift. Go Mom!

  3. This is great. I would love love love to get that gift!
    Also, your Star Wars dress is fantastic.

  4. A dress form! Yay! You can always pad it out where the shape is off. Just wrap narrow strips of batting or fleece around the areas that need it until it measures the correct measurement.

    I’m more oval than round so I adjusted the front and back of my dress form wider than I did the sides (but it all adds up to being the measurement I needed even though the dials don’t look equal).

  5. Those hips look a lot like mine… 😀

    What a great find! I have mine still sitting in a basement in Manitoba, and should get it sent out here. But it’s too small for me anyways, so I’m thinking of just getting my Mom to sell it and buy a larger size. I can’t get it anywhere near my size, except the shoulders and upper chest. I guess I could pad it out…

    Is this your first form? Heh, I like the name The Body.

  6. I call mine “Dolly”. She looks like the twin of your’s. I got her from Amazon because the price was right, lot better than Fabricland. I’m going to have to google why they are called “Judy”!

  7. Hi Hun, did you see the Threads Magazine article by Kenneth D, King about custom fitting a commercial dress form. The article is titled “Fit for Everyone” it was originally published by in Issue 161, July 2012, they then re-published it in “The Best of Threads – Fitting” magazine that came out in Spring 2013. The essence of it is is you make a skin tight cover for the dressform, then another cover that’s a skin tight duplicate fitted to your figure by a friend, next you pad-out and stuff between the 2 layers of covers (which are attached with zips). When you’re done you have a removable cover fitted just to you. You could adapt your dressform to become a duplicate if your own figure. I can send you a copy of the scanned pages if you like? (Ann at ‘Gorgeous Things’ blog and her friend Phyllis from ‘Coudre Mode’ made one each which came out successfully. It’s also not too dissimilar to when Gertie padded out her dressform too.)

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