Handworked buttonhole.


Not awesome. Mrs. Church would send me straight back to Victorian sewing school. But it’s leap years beyond my last attempt. Sadly, it’s in the middle of a scrap with no practical purpose. /sigh 😉



October 22, 2013 · 9:31 pm

27 responses to “Handworked buttonhole.

  1. molly

    my sister has a sampler worked by my great-grandmother, sometime in the mid-1800s. amongst all the other ‘plain’ (hah!) stitchery are two absolubloodylutely perfect buttonholes. i remember, as a child, asking my mom why there were machine-worked buttonholes on a sampler of handwork…
    i could sit and practise making buttonholes from now until the cows come home and never, ever make any like that…

  2. No purpose except Bragging-Rights! You are amazing- cheers, Kimbersew

  3. Marlene

    I think it looks pretty darn good. I’m always dissatisfied with mine and I always feel like the thread is too thick. I find it interesting the ones I make have the bar on the inside of the cut, where yours is on the outside. Now I’m going to have to research how you did that!

    • I’ve usually tried with thicker threads in the past (on the assumption that the fewer stitches I have to take, the better) but I did this one with doubled sewing thread and actually felt like it would’ve looked better in a single thread. I’ll try that next time. /sigh. That’s a LOT of little stitches…

      Don’t get too hung up on my bar 😉 I got there and was running out of thread and just kinda did what I could. I never really thought about whether it should be over the cut or over unbroken fabric before…

    • Or did you mean the little row of knots? I usually do them your way, too (a blanket stitch basically) but apparently you’re supposed to do it with the needle going the other way. This book: https://archive.org/details/guidetoneedlewor00symo has the craziest array of hand-worked buttonholes… I was kinda going for the plain one on p. 55. 🙂

  4. I heard that it takes the seamstresses in the Chanel workroom 6 months to master a hand-worked buttonhole. I think that’s why I’ve avoided doing them 🙂

  5. Doesn’t look too shabby from my end of the computer screen. Happy little buttonhole stitches they are. heh

  6. I was thinking that it looked remarkably good, then I read the bit about it being on a scrap and thought, of course it is. That’s how it always is…

  7. I agree – I think it looks pretty darn good.

  8. Sufiya

    You should see the (French convent) needlework on my linen bedsheet that once belonged to Christian Dior. Even the lady masters of towering embroidery skills at my local guild are in awe of the skill level displayed in the embroidery on it. But the part that REALLY takes my breath away is the teeny tiny “Dior” laundry mark in the corner of the sheet; it is done in red cross-stitch so tiny the crosses are almost invisible; you need a magnifying glass to see that they are actually crosses!

    That being said, this buttonhole of yours isn’t half bad for a beginning attempt! I’ve seen MUCH worse in my day, my own attempts included! All you need is practice-practice-practice! And, it’s going on “underwear”, after all, isn’t it? The button will be covering it, too, don’t forget!

    • Wow, that must be quite a piece!

      I’ve certainly done much worse…. and worn them proudly (the ones on my winter coat are absolutely laughable, and they’re also in pretty much unchanged condition after three winters of heavy use, so I’m going to count that as a win!)

      • Sufiya

        Yup, that’s a “win” all righty! Durability counts for a very great deal! Oh, and here’s a cheat I heard about somewhere: make a regular machine buttonhole, as narrow as you can manage, cut ti open..and then handwork your OWN buttonhole OVER it. You will probably need to use a slightly thinner thread to do so than you used here, to avoid excessive bulk.

  9. I think it’s pretty awesome.

  10. sewingonpins

    Remember that burgundy wool coat I started a couple years ago? I’m going to have to handwork those buttonholes, and I can only hope they turn out as well as yours! I think they look very good!

  11. Yay! It looks good! And of course it’s on a scrap. >_< I love handworked buttonholes, but I dread doing them. That said, I managed to butcher my way through a set of five on a now-thrifted coat for DD3 a few years back because I had no choice. Dumb modern sewing machine couldn't handle the layers of melton. And y'know what? Those darn tortured buttonholes held up like titanium to all the use they got. I'm still trying to figure out how something so terribly stitched could be so strong!

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