Have you seen this pattern?


Kwik Sew 1808

Ok, not actually this pattern, which I picked up for half a buck at the thrift store the other day. It’s unopened, and that 80s style of dress pants with the front pleats and the slash pockets is exactly what my husband likes in his dress pants. But look at the shirt on the guy on the left. Gun flaps buttoning to pockets? Nifty details. Maybe not for everyone, but I can’t help but wonder of this was referencing an actual pattern (maybe another Kwik Sew?) or if it was just a flight of fancy. It seems like it would be fun, if it were a pattern… Although with my luck my husband wouldn’t ever wear it.



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17 responses to “Have you seen this pattern?

  1. Ah, you got that from Value Village! I can’t tell you how many patterns I’ve got for 49 cents from the ones near me. So much fun to check out the new batches.

    • The number of patterns I’ve bought at VV in the last three years is, well, disturbing. But at those prices, how do you not?!? (My local VV charges $0.99 and puts all the good ones in baggies—how evil! 😛

      • Oooh, I have one by me that does that. I don’t like it though cuz they don’t match sizes. I prefer selecting my own for 49 cents. Oh dear…..after all this talk, guess where I’m planning to visit later today?…… 😛

  2. From my experience with Kwik Sew patterns – I don’t think so… which is pity, as you sait this shirt has interesting cut.

  3. I’m pretty sure it was a Kwik Sew pattern as it looks very familiar; I made my husband a shirt from a Kwik Sew pattern which had I think 3 options. That one, a plain one (which is what he wanted) and a more western inspired one. I can’t find it at the moment, but if you saw my sewing room you’d be more impressed that I can find anything at all, let alone something specific!

  4. Wow, that’s a great shirt! I’m sure you could easily recreate it with your mad skills. Add epaulettes and you’ve got a “trench shirt”. I have lots of shirting sitting around, so I just might beat you to it. :).

  5. LinB

    In the mid-1980s, McCalls menswear patterns had a good run of interesting shirt patterns. Since only three or four of us ever bought any of those patterns, they eventually stopped making the effort. This shirt looks like one that I threw in the mail to Male Pattern Boldness last year, in an attempt to diminish my pattern stash. He may take pity on you and let you know the patten number — I no longer recall it. I think one of the men in the envelope illustration was wearing a straw fedora … or perhaps not. I also have a similar version that was meant for womenswear, in a (then) size 14. I’ll look it out for you.

  6. There is an Islander Sewing Systems pattern that looks pretty close

  7. OH! I just went pattern shopping at our Sally Ann yesterday and came away with a few decent ones. Our one and only thrift shop has 5 packed drawers of mostly 80s and 90s patterns, but with a few gems thrown in. Our one and only local fabric shop has only sold Kwik Sew and Burda patterns for decades, so there’s a lot of weird patterns and stretch tights, but I nearly brought home a mens sweatshirt pattern from the 80s (I think) that probably wouldn’t look too bad if you reduced the shoulder width. But my boyfriend is incredibly picky about his cloths, for all that he practically wears rags (the man works in constructions and doesn’t believe in tossing out a perfectly good garments, even if it’s shreaded), so I didn’t bother. 🙂

    I like the flaps on that shirt! Those pants look pretty normal for a 30 year old pattern. Damn men’s clothes and the fact that they don’t get as badly dated as women’s. :\

  8. The shirt looks interesting but I think it would be easy to create a pocket and flap arrangement like that based on a normal shirt pattern. If you use a tried and tested one, it would be much easier than trying to get the fit of an 80’s shirt right…
    However, if I remember correctly, your husband has quite an athletic build, in which case a design like this would be a bit much.
    And although I agree men’s fashion doesn’t change anywhere near as fast as women’s I expect these trousers to have a much higher rise than modern ones, and maybe quite a bit more ease as well. I would recommend making a muslin before cutting into any good fabric for these.

  9. Elizabeth

    My sister just gave me a bunch of her old patterns. McCall’s 7803 is included. Looks similar to the men’s shirt but is for women. So, if you want to figure it out for yourself … I was not planning on keeping pattern. Want it?



  10. Gosh I haven’t seen gun-flaps over pockets for, well, 30 years. Other than in thrift shop patterns. Actually, on that basis I see them every other day lol.

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