While I grapple with the enormity that is wedding sewing and try to put together something resembling a coherent post (hah!), let me entertain you, however fleetingly, with a top Syo made herself.


It is drapy and cute and I just might want one. It comes from the “tying knots in fabric until it fits” school of fashion design, which I suspect is the oldest such school. We then replaced the knots with a few serged seams, because that was easier than threading the sewing machine.


I think I could use a few of these projects myself…



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8 responses to “Interlude

  1. I’ve replaced the knots/safety pins with stitching in such designs for one of my friend’s offspring more than once, it’s a great school of design. And this is particularly fabulous!

  2. Cute and sassy!!! And so is the top! Actually, Syo is more than cute – she’s growing up & looking gorgeous! (scary, non?)

  3. You are clearly such fabulous inspiration for this budding little fashion designer! 🙂

  4. Syo takes after her mom! What a great top!

    Glad you lived through the wedding build madness! I look forward to your post about it. =)

  5. sewingonpins

    yay for surviving the Wedding Sewing Marathon of DOOM! Can’t wait to see the pictures, especially of the gown. Your teasing snippets looked great!

    And Syo did a really good job on that top! Much better than any of my similar type attempts when I was young – her’s are actually wearable! 😀

  6. Yay, you made it through to the other side!! Congratulations to both you and Syo for the fantastic garments you’ve made. I’m a fan of the tying knots school if they turn out such stylish tops!

  7. That’s a fabulous top 🙂

    I remember teaching a hard-core punk-rocker chic (who was all of 14, and a very talented musician – punk of course) to sew a basic seam and how to zig-zag it to stop it fraying. I couldn’t get over how she took that and ran with it. The freedom of her creativity was awesome. I learnt a lot from her.

    Just saying too, I made up your greek goddess dress (Sorry, can’t think of the correct name. I call it the ‘Greek Goddess Maternity Tango-dancing dress’) the other week. I love it to bits. I’m hoping to blog about it in the next few weeks.
    I want to thank you so much for making it available. And for free too! I can’t get over the wonderful generosity of the internet sewing community 🙂

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