My cousin took me thrifting and fabric shopping yesterday.

I have no business buying either fabric OR patterns right now, by the way.

I am really loving that Butterick pattern at the bottom. It looks all floaty but includes an internal stay, waist stay, and boning.



May 25, 2013 · 1:25 pm

11 responses to “Oops.

  1. Is that a Jalie pattern I see there? You HAD to buy it, at least.

    • Ok so the Jalie is not from the thrift store (though if I did find one there I would have to buy it, yes.) One of the little fabric stores we went to carries the Jalie patterns, and I have been hankering for this one for a while.

  2. You and I are spiritual shopping buddies. I love thrift shopping – and I’ve taught my kids to love the fun, challenge and value of it… they are always asking me to take them!
    Love that McCalls!

  3. Nice haul! 😉 I feel ya though. Kwik Sew was having a $2.99 sale the other day, and I bought a few more patterns I probably didn’t need. But, since they never go on sale….

    I’m running out of storage room for them though, any suggestions?

  4. Ooh, I miss Style patterns. Those were the good old days

  5. Who could resist??!! I love that Butterick also but the McCalls one on top really caught my eye… Ocean’s 13 was on while I was writing a report (ahem!) and Ellen Barkin was wearing a lovely dress with those straps and shoulders…. lovely!

  6. Cherie

    Very nice! What ‘s not to like about thrifting? I haven’t commented much, but you are so cute, and so good with your girls! Can I say I am a sucker for your Egyptian names?

  7. Kat

    The McCalls one looks great too – stylish/sleek, but sort of summery and casual. I wish NZ thrift stores had patterns!

  8. Gorgeous!
    Redo the top otherwise every time people ask if you made it you’ll think they are seeing the faults.
    Here’s to you getting the weather to wear the dress!

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