Me-Made-May: Week One


Oh what could that be…

This is the sum total of my sewing this week. Not enough to write about, frankly. Maybe I need to start writing about all my imaginary sewing. I do boatloads of that. It takes even longer to write about, though. /sigh.

So in lieu of real sewing, let’s have some Me-Made-May pics!

Starting it with a bang

Day 1: the red polkadot dress and my vintage shrug. Heads up: you are probably going to get SO SICK of my little shrugs this month. I have been wearing the snot out of them this winter.

Me Made Morning

Day 2—I’ve been having some leisurely mornings this winter—the kids have gotten much more self-reliant (they get up on their own! They make their own lunches!) and I don’t need to be on a train at 7:30 am. So instead of bouncing straight into my clothes, I’ve been experimenting with “comfies”… in particular my (still unblogged!) Jalie 3022 fleece pants. (It might be easier to get these blogged if I didn’t only wear them when I’m bleary-eyed and crazy-haired.) Seriously… I reach for these nearly every day. Just for fun, I decided to keep with the colour scheme and add in my cardi-wrap and red Jalie twist top. The twist top is a pretty-much-wadder (I did a bad job on the neck binding), so this is definitely MMM getting me to reach for something I would ordinarily pass by. The cardi hasn’t gotten much wear since I wore it while cutting out fabric one day and *snip* cut a little hole in the front drape. But it’s fine for bumming around in the morning.

Day 2, daytime

After I got myself together, it was not much more glamorous. Jalie jeans, Lekala knit top. Although I’m so enjoying the weather that’s perfect for my Springy Coat. (Can I just say, the timer app I downloaded to get delayed photos on my iPhone sucks?!? Anyone got a suggestion that takes photos at actual resolution, not this pixelated crap?)

Another morning shot

Day 3 morning: Those fleece pants again, Blank Canvas Tee, and Vogue muslin-cum-sweater. I swear I’m done with the morning shots, at least unless I get some different comfies into rotation.

Day 3—Water

Day 3 day—in honour of the Friday Theme of water, I got the last remaining snowbank in my front yard. I think it’s gone now. Four me-mades here: Jalie capris, Springy Coat, flutter-sleeve Blank Canvas Tee, and basic tank top.

A lazy day.

Day 4—The MMM must be getting to me, because I actually reached for my Jalie twist top again. And those same Jalie jeans again; they are one of my two staple pairs at the moment. This picture really shows how they’ve worn (not quite worn out, but getting there) since their first unveiling.

Out and About (NOT oot and aboot!)

Day 5—Sunday was full of family activities. Brunch with my dads, visiting Stylish in the afternoon, and then dinner at Crafty’s house in the evening for my father-in-law’s birthday. I wore Funnygrrl’s dress, which, yes, got very grubby with all the running around, and my cropped jean jacket. I also got my first sunburn of the year (blerg.) Apparently we did not stop at spring, go directly to summer. Not complaining, mind you.


Day 6—70s tunic and the other set of Jalie capris. Capris last a lot longer than jeans for me, since they only get worn a few months a year.

Another unforgivably pixelated picture.

Day 7. Not a glamorous day. Running errands and working from home. Yet another set of Jalie jeans, the cardi-wrap makes another appearance, and my quick refashioned Miocene Park tank. I didn’t get a picture, but I wore these pantaloons to my dance class as well:


Which brings us to the end of Week One. Here’s hoping for better photos, and more fun outfits in the future.

One of the big reasons for Me Made May is to help us identify gaps in our self-stitched wardrobe. Besides the obvious (I still have not conquered self stitched undies), some needs I’ve identified this week:

  • cropped, WARM jacket suitable for wearing with fluffy dresses. (warmer than a jean jacket, anyway.)
  • knit tees that aren’t ancient.
  • a new pair of jeans. The youngest of these is over two years old now, and only the capris are still darn-and-repair free.

It’s also highlighted to me how much silly sewing I’ve done in the past year. Very few of these me-mades are recent makes, with the exception of the fleece pants. I guess I can get away with it, though, right? I was so good and practical the first few years I was sewing.

Now, the next question is… what to wear today? πŸ˜€



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20 responses to “Me-Made-May: Week One

  1. Sadly, I find that imaginary sewing is difficult to photograph. πŸ˜‰
    So fun to see your me-made-ness!

  2. This is great!! I have to say, though, that I think you might have a mild case of the crazies for sitting next to a snowbank in capris! Hahaha

  3. It doesn’t surprise me that your Me-Mades are not recent – I wear the stuff I actually make for myself much longer than the store bought. And that’s the way it should be. =)

    Imaginary sewing, yes! lol – I do the same thing and just keep adding to the never ending project list!

  4. I love the capris with snow bank pic!! Totally get that one.
    For self timer photos on my IPhone I use the Camera Awesome app. I think it’s free (I’m cheap.) and it has both a timer and an interval function that I like. It takes reasonably good pics, within the limitations of the iPhone camera, of course.

  5. I’m very sad that you didn’t wear the Star Wars dress on Saturday. MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU (but not ‘you’ you because you didn’t wear the dress).

    I need to get onto making pants. If I’d done that, I might’ve been able to get away with at least a modified MMM. Oh well, next year! πŸ˜€ Your outfits are cute! I’m loving all of the capris! If I didn’t have such short and stout legs, I’d probably wear them more often, because they are the best combination of shorts and pants (long enough to cover my thighs! short enough for coolness on warm days! YAY). And yay for reaching for previous ‘wadders’! πŸ˜€

  6. Very great stuff!! I can’t believe you made your own jeans! I have a jeans pattern, it is McCalls M5894. I have no idea what it’s like, and am a bit scared to go for it, as I’m still working on a pair of trousers I began sewing in February!! But, your jeans look great.

  7. Such great outfits! Now I know I need red fleece pants to get me thought winter here in oz. πŸ˜‰

    Love the funnygrrrl dress and…am in trouble for LOVING the non me made vintage shrug? It’s darling! Do you have pics of the back? I need this shrug! Is it possible to me-make a similar piece? What do you think?

  8. Love that cropped jacket/empire waist dress combo πŸ™‚ Any chance to see a close up of the jacket?

  9. Oh man, I hear ya on the imaginary sewing–mine’s either imaginary or in a wad on the floor after a fit of I-screwed-something-up rage. πŸ˜‰ No worries though, this too, shall pass. πŸ™‚

  10. LinB

    Don’t beat yourself up about “silly sewing.” You deserve some silliness in your life. (Especially since the bulk of your sewing last year was for other people, I dimly recall.) Go thou forth and procure some denim for new jeans, woman!

  11. Day 1 and Day 4 are my favorite! and I TOTALLY know what you’re making in the top photo… me TOO!

  12. I should get into sewing clothes. You are very inspirational T!!!

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