Leggings for Syo.

Wimping out or taking a quick break? That is the question. This morning, rather than taking on the Dress of Irksomeness, I hunted around for a project that would be quick and satisfying, ideally that could be executed without changing the thread in the sewing machine. I settled, after rather more futzing than I care to admit, for Kwik Sew 1670, and (yet) another pair of leggings for Syo. The last ones I made her are probably the single most-worn item in her wardrobe this winter, since she’s decided she only wears leggings, and she could really use another pair. Well, another five pair, frankly. But we’ll start with one.

I re-traced the pattern and made a few changes this time. I had already narrowed the size 8 and lowered the rise in the front for a more “modern” fit. This time I lengthened the leg (the originals were drafted for 3/4 length, but frankly it’s full-length weather here, and will be a while yet, and I curved in a bit more in the thigh area, since they’d been a little loose there Β in the past.

No cute motorcycle photos this time, alas.




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14 responses to “Interlude

  1. Not wimping out. Being kind to yourself!

  2. Nothing wrong with well deserved wardrobe staples (heaven knows that the frilly things I’ve made for my daughter rarely get worn, while my son’s quickie woven pull over tops get worn to death in the hot summer). I myself have been reduced to spending most evenings this month hemming and mending. Too boring to blog.

    • It’s hit and miss with Syo—some things she swears she likes but then never wears… other things she won’t take off even for laundry. I’m fairly confident these ones’ll end up in the latter category, though. It’s a nice feeling. πŸ™‚

  3. Kat

    I think it’s good to have ‘refresher’ projects when things are getting irksome! Syo probably thinks it’s good too πŸ™‚

  4. the jacket I wanted to make Felicity failed because I hadn’t realized i had the “plus size” patterns, of which she is not. So I went back to the drawing board with the original plan A, a leopard print jacket. My flannel skirt was suppose to be “quick” but it turned out not to be. *sighs*

  5. 1. syo only wears leggings? SMART GIRL

    2. when do y’all get matching #oonapants.

    • BAHAHAHA! Someday… I’m a bit crushed right now because the local fabric store sold out of the AWESOME OONAPRINT I’d had my eyes on. That’s what I get for being patient. 😦

  6. Jeggings are all the rage for all the girls here in Southern CA – it is the only type of pant that my niece -who is a freshman in high school – will wear. So your daughter is right in the fashion. I do keep trying to get her to wear other types of pants but NOOOOOOOO! Ah. to be young . . .

  7. My two live in leggings too – I really really need to make some more. Long ones in winter and short ones in summer. Under skirts, under dresses. With everything.

    Avoidance? Hell yes. No worries.

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