Spot my booboo? Fantasy sewing is so much easier.

And I managed to lose BOTH my seam rippers in the move.



October 15, 2012 · 9:03 pm

14 responses to “Oops.

  1. Aha oops is right! The sad part about fantasy sewing though is that you can’t wear what you make up in your head. 😦

  2. punkmik

    I have three seam rippers and they seem to alternate going on adventure as I always find a different one to use lol

  3. Lene Helming

    Oh man! I was staring at that picture for about 5 minutes before I spottet the oops… *face-palm* Seam-rippers are notorious for leaving on their own. I bought one with a hole in the end, now it’s tethered to my sewingmachine by a yard of elastic 🙂

  4. sewbusylizzy

    It’s doesn’t matter how many you own – you can never find one in a sewing crisis. I’ve starting keeping one in my dressing gown pocket. *tragic*

  5. I was always losing seam rippers so once when they were on a big sale, I bought a bunch. I now have them everywhere. It’s probably the sewing accessory that I use most (after my actual machine).

  6. Oh bollocks…. it’s worse when it’s a serged seam too, isn’t it? LOL. I always lose the lid to my seam ripper, which is dangerous… I worry about freak seam ripper injuries LOL

    • Well, not serged, but a decorative cross-stitch that uses a TON of thread. Which is going to suck in and of itself. >_<

      The only seam rippers I can keep track of the lids for are the ones where the lid IS the handle, so it's pretty much useless if you lose the lid.

  7. got a paring knife? wine opener?


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