Another Closet Monster

Another city, another birthday party, another monster made (loosely) from the Closet Monster book.


This one is not really as cool as the first. It’s ok, though. Its chief claim to fame is its super long limbs, which were harvested from an old octopus costume I may have worn for a school play a quarter century or so ago. Yes, my mom has stuff like that lying around.


It enjoyed playing in the back yard for a few minutes before being wrapped up and sent away.


Tyo sewed on the limbs, button eyes, and stuffed it. I made the belt, including a salvaged buckle, and did the big final seam around the rectangular body, which was pretty tricky since all the limbs were stuffed inside by the end. The purple embroidery on the face doesn’t show up as much as one might have wished… I should maybe have insisted on white.

In any case, it’s one more on the list of projects down. In enabling news, my crafty sister-in-law stopped by to show me the plaid coating she picked up at the thrift store the other day. So we’ll be going through my multisize coat patterns soon…



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3 responses to “Another Closet Monster

  1. How awesome that Tyo is making hand made gifts. Love it!

  2. That’s so cool! I saw this earlier just failed to comment.

  3. That’s an awesome closet monster! I love the extra long limbs 🙂

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