The New Dressmaker: Altering Yoke and Drawers

I confess, I haven’t really had time to read this chapter over. I wasn’t even aware that drawers required fitting other than the most basic does-this-go-around-me kind. Do they cover trouser fit for men and boys? Does yoke mean the yoke of a skirt, or any kind of yoke or something completely different? You’ll have to read to find out!


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  1. I was curious as to whether the meaning for ‘yoke’ and ‘drawers’ was what we think of them as today, so I googled the chapter title and found a PDF of four pages from the chapter (not sure if this is it in its entirety). As I suspected it focuses on pattern alterations for waist and hips on women’s garments, like skirts; they talk about doing the same alterations for drawers, so I’m assuming they mean bloomer type undergarments for women 🙂

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