Rolled hemmer triumph.


The war is not over, but a small battle has been won.

I trimmed the seam allowance from the hem area just before stitching across it. SO MUCH easier.



August 11, 2012 · 1:19 pm

17 responses to “Rolled hemmer triumph.

  1. Yeah for winning! I love my rolled hem foot now that I know how to use it.

  2. Every time I start to think I’ve figured out the rolled hem foot, it throws me another curve ball and I discover that I don’t have it down nearly as much as I thought I did. So congrats on a victory, however small! 🙂 Now if you ever figure out a good way to use the rolled hem foot on something with corners (i.e. all four corners of a napkin), let me know, because I haven’t found one yet.

    • Yeah, this is the issue, isn’t it? This was a ripped edge on cotton—just about as easy as it gets. But trimming the seam allowance helped a LOT.

      I have read that clipping off the end of the corner at a 45 degree angle helps with the square corners. You can’t turn the corner, obviously, you have to do each edge in a straight pass. I did this on a piece of sash today and it worked, at least sorta. So that’s something. And maybe tissue paper underneath for when the feed-dogs try to eat it (as mine always do with edges and corners.)

  3. Elizabeth, no offence, but I hate you. I have practised with my rolled hem feet (yes I have more than one) for what seems like days and I still can’t use it consistently.

    So just repeat exactly what CG said.

    Tanit-congrats on the winning a battle.

    Dare I ask when you are moving?

    • LOLING. Elle, that question is almost as bad as the “so when will you be finished your thesis?”! 😀

    • This was definitely one of the battles with the odds stacked towards me—a best-case scenario, as it were.

      We are moving at the end of the month. Things will probably slow down dramatically around here for a bit…

  4. I can’t even figure out how to feed the fabric into my rolled hem foot, so I’m slightly green right now. Don’t worry though, I’ve been that colour for months, watching you all sew. lol Congrats on winning this battle!

    • LOL! I hope you can have a sewing-space again soon. 😦

      Starting, it helps a lot to press/roll/finger-press the first inch or two, so you can start it without having the fabric in the scroll of the foot. Then once you’ve started, you can wriggle the fabric into place to keep going.

      • Just rearranged my room actually, so I’m hoping to get sewing again soon. Although knitting has sort of taken over my brain lately… I even have an ironing board hanging on my door! 😀

        You are brilliant. I’m going to try this…soon. (I hope.)

  5. Oh thank f*ck XD Giggled when I read the heading. Seriously though. XD *eye roll*

  6. Marilyn

    Rolled hemmer foot is crap on curves but decent on a straight edge. I think grainline is pretty significant on how well it works. I’ve never had a really decent one on a circle skirt, but on a ruffle- totally easy.

  7. That looks so beautiful, I could cry. And also makes me think I should look into trimming my seam allowances, sigh.

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  9. Joy

    Very nice! I only tried it once and gave up right away. Will have to try again, someday.

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